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Originally Posted by digitize View Post
They should play ASOH in the style of the Daniel Lanois remix instead.
Hoped for ASOH in Dublin, but ...

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Originally Posted by gvox View Post
Four letters:

So true.

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Originally Posted by Niceman View Post
That's right. Electric Co., An Cat Dubh, The Ocean. I'm sure the band were playing them to INTRODUCE the audience to their earlier work!

Now, it seems the audience just wants to hear what they already know, nothing threatening or that requires them to think or process information. Is Unknown Caller a good song? Well, since I don't already know it I must not be interested in it.....

I can't imagine any of these people are in the habit of discovering new bands by seeing them live anymore......
Very true

You and Ax bring up a very relevant point for me.

I dug into Boy after hearing the Ocean and Electric Co at my first show on Vertigo!

This was the impetus for me going into their back catalog, and I am convinced that I would not have become as big a fan as I am now without seeing the raw energy that U2 brought at such a young age. I remember being as fascinated by early club performance bootlegs and Red Rocks as I was by youtube videos of Zoo TV.
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Electric Co is not that much of a risk as one might like to think. Alot of people knew it already, it was a highlight on what is widely regarded as one of the best early live performance videos of any band, and that's the balance that is struck by a band playing an oldie/rarity...if they can count on a certain percentage of the audience remembering it, then that enthusiasm will spread to the people around them. With Disappearing Act, they don't have anyone to count on for that.

Then there is the sheer rock-out factor of Electric Co. So while a song like, oh, F-BB might be known by a small number of people who bought the most recent album (and even smaller who still play it without skipping directly to Breathe lol), more would know Electric Co and the ones that don't would rock out much quicker to Electric Co than F-BB, hands down. So there is little risk with an Electric Co type song.

I can put Electric Co and 11 Oclock into setlists where there might be maybe one or two hardcores and win over (sometimes younger) audiences quicker than the deeper cuts from more recent albums those audiences surely own. I can only attribute it to being that they are a. better songs. b. easier to get into. c. have more emotion and thus rock out more. Just personal experience with trying to get people into unknown U2 songs

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disappearing act

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