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Thanks for all the help Gabe, Lies.

I installed Spybot since Avast doesn't deal with spyware, and it found very little. I ran some of the Vista checks, that computer health thing, and it seems the one are my computer is weak in is graphics (surprise). I set the paging to 2.5 times the RAM - I think Windows help recommends up to 3 or 3.5 times? - and I haven't had a freeze up for a day and a half now.

There is a more recent driver for my pointing device on the Acer website. I've downloaded it onto my desktop, but when I try to open and run the setup, it won't allow me to install it. I get a couple of error messages, one saying "Windows cannot complete the extraction. The destination file cannot be created" and the other saying "Could not find OS specific setup program."

Another unrelated question that I don't want to start a new thread for. I think I know the answer, I just want confirmation before I go ahead, because I have several years worth of school work and 20 gigs worth of U2 boots at risk. My old laptop died an untimely death due to a spill a few years ago. Fortunately, they were able to save the harddrive, and they put it in a case for me, and it's now an external drive, so basically, it has everything on it that was on my old laptop, including the old operating system (Windows XP). I essentially want to delete everything but my documents, pictures, and the music I have on it. If I delete the operating system and other files like that, I'll still be able to access everything else, right?

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- paging file: that's great news! Mainly because the mod effected some change, so you know you're on somewhat the right path. Size of the file: there is alot of debate on whether you can go the full 3 times, I stick with 2.5 and that's plenty for me, and I do some fairly heavy video and audio stuff...

- Acer driver file: did you d/l the right one for your operating system? that seems to be the issue...another thing you can do is use the Windows control panel to check for an newer one for you..

- the old drive: I think you should be ok deleting old files you don't need. The folders that hold the media you want to keep aren't depending on the old operating system folders. Having said that though, how much space do you stand to gain by deleting that old operating system? Maybe close to a gig? If I wasn't sure, I wouldn't risk 20 gigs of U2 boots to gain a gig, if that makes any sense...I'd back up the 20 gigs to my new harddrive first and then reformat the entire old drive

On that topic, if you want to get some more hard drive space, I just got a LaCie 500gb hard drive for $112 + taxes from Best Buy because of their price match - 10% policy...memory has dropped in price quite a bit

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Yeah, this is the page I got the driver file from, it says Vista on it:

Acer bastards probably put the wrong one up...

My daughter got a 500 gig external from Future Shop not long ago, they are ridiculously cheap now.

(and the best part? She filled the entire thing up within a month or two by downloading complete tv series, movies, music, etc, on her school network)
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VP, regarding the graphics, a lot of cheaper cards actually share RAM, so that could be part of the problem. Not only does the computer only have 1GB, if the graphics card is using that for itself and you're running Aero and the other nifty Vista stuff, it can take a toll on performance.

Yes you can delete what you want off the old drive. You'd only need the OS if you plan of booting off of it.

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