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Weird laptop issue...

My friend's laptop has this weird issue we can't figure out. It's a new Dell 1525 Windows Vista. When she first got it, she complained about how often it went into hibernation. I disabled hibernation, changed the hard drive to not power off, and setup her power plan so it uses the screen saver, then shuts off the screen, and then sleeps after 1 hr. After I set this up, I use the laptop in my office for a few hours and nothing happened, then I ran it on battery until it was drained. No more shutting off/hibernation. I give it back to her and she immediately e-mails me saying it's still shutting off. According to her, it sometimes does it every 5 minutes, even while she's working on it. It sounds like a hibernation, b/c when you press the power button it "resumes" windows (ie, longer process than waking from sleep, but not a full power off/on).

I've used the laptop for extended periods of time twice now and have not seen this happen.

The only two things I could think of are:

1) She uses this USB wireless adapter for her Verizon service. I did not plug it in b/c I work in a basement with no signal and we have our own wireless networks. I don't know why a USB device would be causing the computer to hibernate, but this is the only thing that stands out to me as being different.

2) Maybe there's a wiring problem where if she types/taps a certain way it puts the computer into hibernation? Far fetched, I know.

I really have no idea. Tonight I'm hoping to run a full hardware diagnostic off a bootable disc and if that yields Dell I guess?

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Originally Posted by Liesje View Post

2) Maybe there's a wiring problem where if she types/taps a certain way it puts the computer into hibernation? Far fetched, I know.
Maybe not that far fetched. When Sarah was going through all that trouble with her laptop, the first time she got it back after the motherboard was replaced, it kept booting when she moved it, or if she was typing too hard, and when she took it back, the tech said that that's a symptom of a bad motherboard. Maybe it could also cause spontaneous hibernation?

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see my iBook question, I think I'm experiencing pretty much the same thing
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Maybe see if the event viewer shows anything in the event log.
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