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Saving corrupt zip- and rar-Files (CRC errors)

Somebody asked for this, but I can’t remember who. Anyway...

You might have encountered this problem, you spent all night downloading a huge concert zip-file, and when you want to open it, one of the files has a corrupt CRC...
Usually, this does NOT mean that the file is corrupt, just the checksums don’t match...
To get the respective file, do the following:
1. OPEN the file in Winzip, Filzip, Winrar [maybe others, but I only checked those]
2. DRAG and DROP the file to somewhere on your hard disk. Choose a directory other than the directory for the other extracted files, and other than your temporary folders.
The program will try to unzip, and give you an error message then.
3. DO NOT CLICK ‚OK’, leave the message open.
4. Go to your temporary directory. Look for a directory with the name of your zip-file (Winzip) or a strangely-named directory like $$$rar$$$!$ (Winrar) and open it.
5. You will find your missing file, or a temporary version of it. If not, you might have to change folder options so you can see hidden files.
6. COPY the file to the folder containing the other extracted files.
7. Click ok in Winzip.
8. Enjoy the beauty of the music.

1. Do check if the file's ok. Play it, and check if it’s start and end are consistent with the other files.
2. So far, I’ve had no problems with this. It always worked. I can’t, however, guarantee that you file’s going to be fine.

Good luck.
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