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PS3 NHL 09 question

I am having issues with my Playstation 3 game NHL 09.

I want to be able to play a regular season. Nothing special, i dont want to follow a pro as i see is one of the options available. I spent 2 weeks updating every last detail of all the teams rosters, and then i went to Dynasty mode (seeing as i cannot find a season mode). I wanted to keep all rosters as accurate as possible as i play thru the season, so i turned off the 'cpu trades' option- as i didnt want the cpu to make their own trades.

Now that i start playing, i find that although the cpu wont make trades, they WILL sign free agents and activate players off their farm teams. This is SO frustrating, seeing as i specifically put those players on the free agent list for a reason. Is there a way/ or a different mode, where i can stop the cpu from making ANY transactions period, and allowing me to make trades for any clubs, not just my dynasty team? I want to have the freedom to make all trades in the game as they happen in real life.

This may sound complicated, but it really isnt. I remember being able to do this exactly in the season mode in my old NHL 97 game (man, that was old)

Another thing is that i cant make the cpu use line changes. I can the team i am using use line changes, but the cpu opponents only use their top line the whole game so their all stars are playing 60 mins and rancking up the points. This is SO annoying.

Anybody have suggestions?

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ok, a little bit of update...

I found out that the cpu opponent would not change lines in rookie mode. When i changed the difficulty to Pro, the cpu now changes lines normally.

As for the rest of my question....?
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