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Old 01-26-2007, 07:21 AM   #76
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Originally posted by fca780
Sorry for not replying to you before, Liesje, I was in the beach, very relaxing btw...lol.
I think our main topic between us was the gamer need of a PC, check out this article courtesy Macworld, to my blog, it's interesting: http://fca780.blogspot.com/2007/01/v...bout-os-x.html
I'll read your posts tomorrow in the afternoon peacefully, so we can continue the discussion, hehe.
No, I'm not a gamer so I'm really not into that whole thing. My husband is and if I suggest a Mac to him, he just laughs. He has games that will not run on Macs, so he's not willing to give that up AND pay three times as much for something he doesn't need.

My main point is that Macs and PCs are basically the same price if you take the time to compare a PC that is even worth comparing. Also, PCs offer far more choices and are extremely easy to service and replace hardware. This is probably why most people who aren't power users go with PCs. Apple stores are pretty limited, and people like me won't buy a computer without using it first and being guaranteed support within a drivable distance. IMO, the only things that really set the Mac apart from the PC are the OS (a matter of personal and professional choice), the design of the cases (the Mac is designed for looks and portability, the PC is designed for ease of swapping parts in and out and isn't as concerned with looks), and the limited range of choice starting at a much higher standard (most of the common new PCs available aren't even worth comparing to the low-end new Macs).

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I really want a Mac.

Am saving up for one and will hopefully get some tax money back in April so that can go toward the laptop too. Just not sure wether to go for the Macbook or MacbookPro.


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Old 01-28-2007, 02:15 AM   #78
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Liesje, again, I agree with you in some points but there are things that I don't understand, like why a power user would like to have a PC if a mac does the whole thing just in zip? anyway...
bonoishot, I will suggest that, if you are a power user (video editing, render stuff, etc), choose the Macbook Pro, if you are just going to use it for some personal and work tasks, a Macbook will satisfy a lot your desire.
Oh, btw...second poll is almost up and the results page from questionpro.com is very interesting so I can't wait to show you guys the details! Thanks for that 102 votes in a week (I know not all of those were from here, but thanks)!!!
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Originally posted by fca780
yes and Circuit City...they are coming closer baby!
they used to sell them years ago as well. i remember back in 2001 when i was shopping for a new computer, they had imacs at circuit city. i wonder if the salespeople are as unknowledgeable about them now as they were then
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For my job I'm required to switch back and forth frequently. In my environment, PCs can do some things Macs won't do as well. And that's play well with a network of PCs.

But if you're not working with a network of PCs, and you can afford a Mac, then get a Mac. The experience of going from a PC to a Mac is a bit like going from driving a Toyota to driving a Mercedes. The Toyota generally gets the job done, but the performance, beauty and grace of the Mercedes makes you want to break into songs of praise. I've noticed very few products these days have that effect. Apple products do.

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