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Im not sure what happened GG, mibees it was A virus/ trojan....or mibees his laptop just encountred a monumental crash?

He seems quite taken with ubuntu and determined to give it a fair trial. If he decides at a later date he would like to go back to windows, im sure we could go down that route. But probably 95% of his time on the laptop will be surfing the net, and to be honest, his Google Chrome on Ubuntu is lightning quick, so Im not sure there would be much call to change back. Having done a fair bit of research, i have to thinking about giving ubuntu a go myself. Might try and do a dual boot scenario

I was intrested in what you sed about downloading an ISO of Windows 7. Where might i find myself a legit/safe copy to download?

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Well you could get one from Microsoft, but they would want you to pay to download the ISO. The iso itself can be found all over the net, just google it. There's a couple torrent sites that are safe. Of course it's illegal to download one of those iso's and use it when you don't have a legit copy yourself, but you have a legit Windows 7 laptop, so it's legal for you to make a new boot disc.

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There should be a license sticker on the bottom of the laptop, if you download a copy of Windows it needs to match the version on that sticker or your license key is not going to work.

If Ubuntu is working OK you probably had a major OS problem and not a hardware problem. If it were mine I'd still run some hard drive diags to be sure and if they come back clean, reinstall Windows and dual boot.

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