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The Fly
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linux problem...

here's the problem I have...

I have 2 HDs, one with XP, and the other I recently installed Linux just so I could see what it's all about. When I want to use XP, i have to put in the XP hd, and the same goes for the linux hd. Needless to say, taking apart my computer is becoming a pain in the ass.

So is there any way I could have both HD's plugged in and select which one I want to use when I turn on my computer?

Thanks for the help...

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I don't do hardware much, but I believe on certain types of hard drives there's like this tiny piece of plastic (jumper) and several rows of two pins each (4 rows I think?). Depending on which row you put this piece of plastic over, it designates the HD as primary master (the one booted from), slave, secondary master, slave, etc. Usually the HD has a little indicator on the sticker lined up with the pins that says which row is which. I'm guessing that if they both are set for the same thing, the computer will be confused so maybe set one as the master and one as the slave.

Here's a pic of what I mean.

Now to have the dual-boot option when you start....I have no clue how to set that part up, but there's got to be a setting in the BIOS setup where you can enable this option...

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Buy a hard drive rack, slide it in the second 5.25in bay and you can slide your XP/Linux drives in and out whenever you want. A lot easier.
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