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Laptop Issue

I don't think I get along well with technology.

I've had my laptop for about a year now and I really haven't had too many troubles out of it, but I did need to replace the keyboard the day before yesterday because the so very much needed backspace key got messed up. The replacement went okay and everything seemed to work fine, but just this morning I noticed that the picture on my screen cut out when I lifted my laptop up to shift a little bit. It happened when my hand made contact with the CD/DVD tray. So I fiddled with it a little thinking maybe something had gotten knocked loose and I just nudged it out of place or what have you and the picture popped back up but for only briefly. Then I had a problem with the picture just generally appearing, then disappearing again. It would reappear if I moved the screen specific ways but then it just wouldn't even work. The brief times I did have the picture back, I could not move the mouse or anything. I tried to restart it, which ended in failure as now it appears that my laptop won't even boot up most of the time. I can turn it on and the power light will be on, but the picture will be a cloudy sort of black and none of the start up screens appear, nor does the hard drive make noise or the fan for that matter. It will work occasionally when I try to start it up, but most times not unless you hold it a specific way.

My friend thought it was the hard drive (I am guessing because of the boot up problem.), so he replaced my old one with his spare, but the problem is still there. So he thought that it was the LCD cable, that perhaps he had jarred it out of place when he put the LED guard back on after replacing the keyboard. He messed with that for a while, but the problem didn't get any better.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be with my laptop?
The laptop is a Compaq Evo N800c and I run Windows XP.

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to me it sounds like a cable is loose somewhere but i aint good with the hardware part of computers just more software and programs

best thing to do it go onto GOOGLE and type something in like screen problem with Compaq Evo N800c

screen problem with Compaq Evo N800c - Google Search

thats some hits but other than that i wouldnt know wot to recomend other than contacting the place u brought it from and seeing if they can offer any help.
think from looks of online help they suggesting hooking it up to a external monitor to see if its the atch monitor on the laptop or a problem with the drivers.

good luck

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You're going to need to check whether the memory chips, CPU, screen or the hard drive/CD connectors got knocked out while the keyboard replacement was happening. It's easy done.

Hewlett Packard's website should give you manuals and troubleshooting info for this notebook.

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Thank you both.
We tried to make sure everything was connected securely, but the problem is not resolved. My friend hooked my laptop up to an external monitor and noticed no problems with the booting or the performance. All the data on the hard drive is safe and sound and everything else seems to work properly.

I can use my laptop to a certain extent since he took it back apart to make sure nothing was loose, but moving it the wrong way still makes the screen cut out, just not as easily as before, so was my friend right? Do I need to get my LCD display replaced? Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question, but I know crap all about repairing computers.
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If it's been connected to another monitor and everything works fine. Common sense would indicate that the problem is your laptop screen. Good luck.
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