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IP question

This isn't just about this forum, but I wanted to ask the mods or those who know computers something. I am a mod on 2 other boards. There is a girl who is from Australia who has been very mean to a lot of members and got banned. Then she moved to the other board, and she keeps making aliases. She knows better than to act mean, so she pretends to be nice to gain peoples' trust, then pulls crappy tricks on them. I can always tell it's her, and so can other members, IP or not. The problem is, I am sure she is back but bouncing her IP out of France. Is this possible? I hate to ban an innocent French girl, but really this girl has shown us all enough to make us suspicion it's the Australian troll. I know there are 'hide my IP' programs (like the one that failed me but they usually bring up an odd IP at random and you never know what it will be .This one is consistently from Limosin, France. Is there a way a person in Austrailia can always make their IP come up as France? It's not static, it changes, but it's always France. Thanks for any advice or explainations.

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i hate people like that

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Banning based on IPs is not failsafe. For example, if someone were to ban the IP address it appears I'm posting from, they'd actually ban about 6000 people all at once. It happened before a few years ago and it took me a while to figure out why the hell I (and three of my friends) had become banned here.

Yeah, people can play around with it so it changes all the time.
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I know most people never get the same one twice, and you can bounce them randomly, but is there a way that a person steadily in Australia can fix it so their IP always shows up as being in France?
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yep. use a proxy located in france.
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what's that hilarious and somewhat offensive old phrase? "Arguing on the Internet is like the special Olympics. You might win, but you are still retarded."

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