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#1 DVD audio ripper ?

I am looking to buy a easy to use audio ripper and this one is looking good . Or can someone recommend one ?

DVD audio to MP3,WAV,OGG,WMA.
Supports ID3 tagging .
Extreme fast ripping speed.
Converts audio of each chapter.
Batch file conversion.
Rips from specified start time to end time.
Splits output file by customized time length or file size.
Dolby surround enabled.
Skinable user interface.
Automatically shutdown computer

#1 DVD Audio RipperV1.1.0
View screenshot

#1 DVD Audio Ripper

$29 online order

System Requirements of dvd audio ripper
Win95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP(win XP is recommended)
Adaptec's ASPI driver for win32 (version 4.71 ).
500Mhz or better CPU
128M or more RAM.

ASPI Driver problems.
How to register dvd audio ripper?

Help us make #1 DVD Audio Ripper even better. We'd love to hear from you.


#1 DVD Audio Ripper is a powerful and easy to use tool for ripping your DVD audios.with #1 DVD Audio Ripper you are able to convert DVD audios to MP3,WAV,OGG,and WMA formats.Stunning features including:extreme fast conversion speed cost only 30-50% of play time,create standard mp3 files with ID3 tag playable on your portable mp3 player,batch file conversion,convert audio of each chapter to an individual file,rip from specified start time to end time,automatically shutdown computer.But that's not all. #1 DVD Audio Ripper uses the advanced interface technologies offer you a neat and handy user interface.

DVD to mp3,wav,ogg,wma
With #1 DVD Audio Ripper you are able to convert DVD audios to MP3,WAV,OGG,and WMA formats with extreme fast speed cost only 30-50% of play time,create standard mp3 files with ID3 tag playable on your portable mp3 player.

Batch file conversion
#1 DVD Audio can add multiple tasks(files) to the list window,check the task you want to convert and convert them one by one.

Convert each chapter to an individual file
In the list window,you can see some sub items of the task such as "chapter1,chapter2..." ,these items mean the chapters in DVD movies,check the chapters you want to convert and convert them one by one.

Quick setting panel
Quick setting panel lets you choose subtile,audio track,frame rate audio quality and so on for each task in the list easily.

Automatically shutdown computer
Video conversion is really a long time job,the conversion could be 2-3 hours, or 10-20 hours, depending on your system specs,with automatically shutdown feature,you can just go to sleep ,let your computer do all the jobs and automatically shutdown when all jobs are done.

Edit Start And End Time
Some times,you may want to convert DVD audio from a specified position and end by a specified position,you can do this by following steps showing below:

1.Select a effective list item in main window.

2.Click on the button ,or the pop menu item "Edit start and end position".

User comment:

I've been using BSWEET and DVD2AVI to rip audio from my DVD's and they do a pretty good job. However, the user interface with BSWEET is clumsy and awkward and DVD2AVI might be a little confusing to newbies. After a rip, I would run Sound Forge and resample the audio. I didn't like the idea of having to use 3 programs to achieve what I wanted to do. I saw this program and thought I would try it. I am impressed with the user interface, very clean, nice icons and easy to use. I like the idea of being to pick different genres although I've only tried Rock and Bebop. After I ripped a couple of songs from a DVD, I opened Sound Forge to see if the rips needed resampling (like I had to with BSWEET). They didn't. This software did a great job without any help from Sound Forge. I didn't need to change a thing. Finally, a software packagen that does everything audio ripping software should do. It has an easy to use interface, multiple format choices (everything from MP3 to WMA) and it's all in one package. I'll gladly support the developer by paying the $29.00 to register this software.

March 08, 2004 by frazzbo

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