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Originally Posted by Kieran McConville View Post
If Peter Jackson can milk a slender children's book from 1937 into three padded out movies, I'd like to see him tackle The Silmarillion next.

Actually, I wouldn't.
He actually said if you ask him this in a few years he'll probably say yes.

I guess it would have to be certain stories from that book although you could kind of Cliff Note's the earliest sections of it with a cool visual intro on how the world was created, etc.

Children of Hurin would be a good candidate since there's an actual book fleshing out that story in minute detail (begun by Tolkien well before he did The Hobbit). They could just churn out a two or three hour movie following that thing verbatim. It would automatically be better than this recent trilogy and very inexpensive to make.

I think that project will actually happen and it will be interesting to watch because The Silmarillion doesn't cover the same territory as The Hobbit does with LOTR and would offer a lot of chances to branch out in terms of visual storytelling, characters and locations. If they're actually done competently (a big ask considering these awful Hobbit movies), they would easily be profitable films, probably needing to make only about $500 million worldwide a piece in order to profit, perhaps less if they hold back on the CGI (another impossible ask).

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I think you're probably not a million miles off the mark about future developments.

I think Jackson was the wrong person to ever get his hands on these books. Guy turns The Hobbit into three bloated movies but can't find room for the Scouring of the Shire, the downfall of Saruman or the journey to the Grey Havens in his earlier epic.

For all the flash and bluster, it is still the author's original vision that lives in my imagination, coloured barely, if at all, by my memory of the 2000s films (which were, sure, enjoyable enough for what they were).

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