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Originally Posted by Sicy View Post



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Courtney's still my dream woman........Todd/Frosti are TINY. Lots of familiar that Amanda in the first one though? She looks a little worn out.

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So I was just playing texas hold em on Facebook with Kenny and we were chatting. Haha.. the conversation is pretty boring but if anyone cares. He doesnt seem very appreciative of his fans

[Sicycat]: Hi kenny
[Ken HOang]: oh geez why is everyone following me
[Sicycat]: LOL are they really?
[Sicycat]: i love poker
[Sicycat]: just saw you playing
[Sicycat]: im not stalking you dont worry lol
[Ken HOang]: suuure
[Sicycat]: well you have to know that you're a celebrity now
[Sicycat]: it must be weird
[Ken HOang]: no not really
[Ken HOang]: I wasnt a mactor
[Ken HOang]: or im still not
[Sicycat]: you dont have to be a mactor to be 'famous'
[Sicycat]: you were on tv
[Sicycat]: you had fans
[Sicycat]: thats all it takes
[Ken HOang]: i had fans before the show
[Sicycat]: kenny do you not like my photoshops
[Sicycat]: randy likes them
[Ken HOang]: photochops?
[Sicycat]: yeahhh
[Ken HOang]: i havent seen them?
[Sicycat]: i tagged you in some
[Sicycat]: should be in your photo section
[Sicycat]: this was a while ago though
[Ken HOang]: ok i guess ill have to check
[Sicycat]: you dont check? lol
[Sicycat]: i guess you're too famous
[Ken HOang]: famous? oh plz
[Sicycat]: dude you're Kenny from Surivivor!1!!!
[Ken HOang]: ummm ask anyone in this room
[Ken HOang]: if they know who i am
[Ken HOang]: if they do
[Ken HOang]: that means im famous
[Steven Wkf]: i dont know who r u
[Sicycat]: you dont watch survivor?
[Ken HOang]: point proven
[Steven Wkf]: no i dont
[Sicycat]: man how can you not watch survivor
[Sicycat]: best show ever
[Steven Wkf]: really?
[Steven Wkf]: icic
[Spencer Liaw]: y should we watch survivor?
[Ken HOang]: yeah
[Ken HOang]: why should we
[Sicycat]: lol
[Sicycat]: um i already said
[Sicycat]: because its the best show ever
[Spencer Liaw]: ermm... i don agree tat...
[Spencer Liaw]: coz i dint watch
[Steven Wkf]: boring show
[Sicycat]: kenny you cant tell me you dont get stopped on the street
[Ken HOang]: I dont
[Ken HOang]: I'm not sugur
[Sicycat]: hahaaha
[Ken HOang]: i didnt play survivor to win america's heart
[Ken HOang]: and completely ruin the whole entire strategic game of survivor
[Ken HOang]: and go on there to settle for 3rd place
[Sicycat]: well she knew she couldnt win anyway so i guess she figured what the hell
[Ken HOang]: she could have if she have taken crystal and susie
[Ken HOang]: or even me
[Sicycat]: i dunno, the jury hates her
[Ken HOang]: if she told the jury it was me that was behind their ousting
[Ken HOang]: the Jury hated me even more
[Ken HOang]: and crystal
[Sicycat]: i dont think randy and corinne hated you more
[Ken HOang]: didnt matter
[Ken HOang]: she atleast had a shot
[Ken HOang]: against everyone but matty and bob
[TJ Moyer]: time for ken to take all my chips again
[Sicycat]: dammit i had the nut straight
[Ken HOang]: hey TJ explain to "christine" why sugar is not a good strategiest
[Ken HOang]: and why she was stupid to give bob a million dollars on a silver plate
[TJ Moyer]: haha oh god
[Sicycat]: dude you should come say all this on sucks
[Sicycat]: what are you waiting for
[Ken HOang]: no thanks, I'm done with assholes
[TJ Moyer]: she basically just pulled names out of a hat
[TJ Moyer]: she felt bad for betraying charlie
[Sicycat]: who is tj
[TJ Moyer]: and then betrayed her alliance of matty
[Ken HOang]: beats me, another survivor fan
[Sicycat]: you said you werent famous
[TJ Moyer]: i'm just some random dude who is LIVID
[Ken HOang]: Im not
[Sicycat]: haha
[TJ Moyer]: he's not
[TJ Moyer]: i'm pissed bob won
[Sicycat]: i was too
[TJ Moyer]: sugar let him win, taking bob to final 3 was suicide
[Sicycat]: but out of the 3 i think it should have been sugarr
[TJ Moyer]: who would have voted for her?
[Ken HOang]: no offense but sugar was playing america with her "fake $@#++" to make everyone feel sorry for her
[Sicycat]: and WTF was susie doing there
[Sicycat]: for real
[TJ Moyer]: who didnt sugar piss off?
[Ken HOang]: to live off the kindness of others, I do not respect that
[Ken HOang]: sorry but im with corinne on that
[TJ Moyer]: sugar backstabbed pretty much everyone
[TJ Moyer]: figured that no one would vote for her in the end
[TJ Moyer]: and rigged it so bob would win
[TJ Moyer]: how is that strategy??
[TJ Moyer]: she was playing for fan favorite
[TJ Moyer]: not for the game
[TJ Moyer]: she knew she was toast and tried to get 100k
[Sicycat]: kenny arent you just mad that she backstabbed you. you guys were all good until the end there
[Steven Wkf]: sini semua sohai cakap lan jiao
[TJ Moyer]: you say it like she backstabbed him in order to win
[Spencer Liaw]: ya lor...
[Spencer Liaw]: cakap apa lacio
[Steven Wkf]: saya mau pigi hisap rokok
[Sicycat]: tlhey're talkilng ****
[Spencer Liaw]: mana pigi?
[TJ Moyer]: she lied to ken and got him kicked out, but it didnt accomplish anything
[Steven Wkf]: luar hisap
[Ken HOang]: they didnt show a lot of behind the scenes
[Steven Wkf]: saya ada lui bat
[Ken HOang]: she wasnt like that out there
[Ken HOang]: she was very demanding
[TJ Moyer]: i heard she cut up blankets or something
[Spencer Liaw]: lu mana sikalang?
[TJ Moyer]: to make a dress
[TJ Moyer]: if she was such a master strategist
[Spencer Liaw]: siapa mau tengok sohai punya show?
[TJ Moyer]: why would she purposely take bob to final 3
[TJ Moyer]: yeah steven knows what's up
[Spencer Liaw]: hehehehe
[Spencer Liaw]: binatang
[TJ Moyer]: oh my god i hate people that like sugar
[Steven Wkf]: binatang main binatang punya barang
[TJ Moyer]: if i knew someone who liked sugar IRL i would disown them
[Spencer Liaw]: satu lagi sohai
[Steven Wkf]: sana manyak sohai
[Steven Wkf]: lu ada apa
[TJ Moyer]: it's so obvious they gave her the sweetheart edit
[Sicycat]: kenny you should really go to my facebook profile and look at my survivor chop album
[Ken HOang]: y?
[Ken HOang]: do u also want me to post on survivor sucks?
[Sicycat]: well yeah but so does everyone over there
[Ken HOang]: ummm
[Ken HOang]: ask sugar
[Ken HOang]: im sure ppl love her there
[Sicycat]: its more of a love/hate for her
[Sicycat]: alright well have a good nite all.
[Sicycat]: nice chatting with you kenny
[Ken HOang]: sicycat stop calling me kenny
[Ken HOang]: my name is KEN
[huskergirl ]: here i go all or nothing...
[Sicycat]: um
[Ken HOang]: huskergirl give me all ur money
[Ken HOang]: u suck
[TJ Moyer]: oh my god why did i fold
[Sicy]: why were you called kenny through the whole show?
[Ken HOang]: blame gillian
[Sicycat]: she started it?
[Sicycat]: dude jeff called you kenny all the time
[Ken HOang]: no he didnt
[Ken HOang]: not in the beginning

He then went on to say how Sugar is full of shit and has no paparazzi, called her an attention wh0re and said he walked down the street with her and no one gave a damn about her. LOL. Sad. I'd keep chatting with him but I'm dead tired and need sleep.
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Ken is one bitter man. Bleh.
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Sounds like "Ken" is desperate to get back and play some video games. He came off like a complete tool.

I hope he at least got laid from his Survivor experience.
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Based on the chat Sicy transcribed, Kenny. . .scuse, me, KEN, strikes me much as he did at the end of his time on the show. . .someone a bit full of himself. Can't blame the edit this time.

I don't know why, but in general, I get the sense that many of the Survivors off camera aren't the nicest people in the world. I always thought that about the Big Brother casts too. You always hear people bitching about how they were edited to look worse than they "really are" whereas I found on Big Brother that the cast members were edited to look nicer than they appeared on the live feeds.

As far as Sugar goes, she may be a miserable person as well but I doubt that makes any of her haters better people either.
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Originally Posted by deep View Post

Sugar at her most charming ?

Nah. . .I wouldn't have been able to identify her in these photos if you haven't told me it was her. All the makeup and photoshopping have stolen all her uniqueness.

She was more charming in Africa.
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Originally Posted by Sicy View Post
So I was just playing texas hold em on Facebook with Kenny and we were chatting.
I should have checked this thread out lately. Cool that you chatted with KennY...ha ha.......but he certainly does seem like a real piece of work. I didn't like him on the show but now I dislike him even more. I can understand if he is fed up of fans asking questions but maybe he shouldn't go on internet forums/chats if it bothers him.
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Coincidence that this thread died at Page 17?

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reality tv, survivor

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