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Rest in Hell, Wacko Jacko

A thread for the realists.

From that point on, Jamie and his mother and sister spent virtually every weekend with Michael. The mother and her current husband were mostly estranged, and Jamie began to withdraw from everyone else, no longer playing with other kids. Eventually, he wouldn't speak to his father and six-year-old half-brother, even on the phone. He and Michael were quickly labeled "inseparable." They played with slingshots and squirt guns. They threw water balloons off the balcony of Michael's condo in Century City onto passing cars.

In March 1993, Jamie spent four days at Neverland. Eleven-year-old Brett Barnes was also there. He subsequently told KNBC-TV—as did 10-year-old Wade Robson—that he too had slept with Michael, but that nothing had happened: "It's a huge bed." Also there that weekend were the Cascio brothers, Eddie and Frank, 9 and 13, who traveled alone with Jackson this fall on his "Dangerous" tour. Michael, Jamie, and the other boys would stay up till all hours, their senses assaulted by music, video games, and films.

On March 28, a private jet was sent to pick up Jamie, his mother and sister, and Jackson at the Santa Monica airport and fly them to Las Vegas, where they stayed in the Michael Jackson Suite at Steve Wynn's Mirage Hotel. It was the first night Michael and Jamie would share the same bed, Michael wearing sweats, Jamie wearing pajamas. Michael had rented The Exorcist, and Jamie got scared. His mother and sister stayed in another bedroom in the suite. The next night the two wanted to sleep together again. But a confrontation ensued, because Jamie's mother objected.

At this point, claim insiders who believe the case against Jackson, Michael began to cry, telling Jamie's mother, "This is about being a family, not making judgments." He declared his love for each of them and pleaded, "Why don't you trust me? If we're a family, you've got to think of me as a brother. Why make me feel so bad? This is a bond. It's not about sex. This is something special." He then said Jamie could sleep wherever he wanted to. That did it—Jamie's mother was won over. From that night on, with few exceptions, she allowed 13-year-old Jamie and his 34-year-old rich and powerful friend to share the same bed for more than three months. Michael essentially moved in, and lived with Jamie in one room of the family's small, unpretentious house in Santa Monica Canyon while his little friend went to school.

Jamie has said that sexual touching began at Neverland in April. It started with cuddling and kisses. Michael began to "rub up against me." He later allegedly told Jamie that their being together was fated "in the cosmos." By this time, on visits to the ranch, Jamie stayed in Michael's bedroom; his mother and sister were still in the guesthouse. Both buildings are locked at night and heavily patrolled by security. Michael's bedroom is connected by a secret staircase to a special guest room, the Shirley Temple Room. Former employees of the ranch report that many boys were invited to sleep in the Shirley Temple Room, and that they would often find the bed untouched. Jackson has such a penchant for privacy that the floor outside his bedroom is wired so that whenever anyone comes within five feet of the entrance there are dingdong noises.

Over time, Jamie says in a leaked confidential Los Angeles Department of Children's Services report, Michael graduated to "kissing me on the mouth… . One time he was kissing me and he put his tongue in my mouth and I said, 'Don't do that.' … He started crying… . I guess he tried to make me feel guilty." Michael took the family on a trip to Disney World in Florida and "continued to rub up against me quite often," Jamie said.

In May, Jackson and his adopted family jetted to Monaco to the World Music Awards, where Jamie and his sister were widely photographed, usually beside Michael at Prince Albert's table or on Michael's lap. Most 13-year-old boys don't spend hours being held on men's laps, but people at the table guessed that Jamie, who was dressed identically like Jackson, was no more than 9 or 10.

"The little boy was loving every minute of it, getting so much attention," said a woman who was there. Jackson, heavily made up as usual with white pancake, wore a hat and mirrored glasses to shield his eyes, and covered his nose and mouth with his hand. "His nose looked like a wax model with most of the wax melted away," the woman said. He barely spoke to anyone other than Jamie and his sister, and drank only Évian water which his bodyguard poured, even then first wiping the glass with his handkerchief. At one point Jackson sent the mother and two friends off in a limousine with a lot of cash and credit cards and told them to buy whatever they wanted.

According to the Department of Children's Services report, Jamie said things "really got out of hand" in Monaco. "Minor stated Mr. Jackson told him that Mr. Jackson's cousin masturbated in front of him and that masturbation was a wonderful thing. He coerced minor to bathe with him and later, while laying next to each other in bed, Mr. Jackson put his hand … under minor's shorts and masturbated minor until minor had orgasm at which point Mr. Jackson cleaned the semen with a tissue saying 'Wasn't that good?' This occurred several times; however, Mr. Jackson began eating minor's semen, then 'began masturbating me with his mouth.' Minor denies ever oral copulating Mr. Jackson or any anal intercourse."

The family flew home via Paris and Euro Disneyland. They made a further trip to Disney World in Florida, which Jamie recounted to the Department of Children's Services. "At the end he [Mr. Jackson] had me suck on one of his nipples and twist the other while he [Mr. Jackson] masturbated himself.

"Minor stated Mr. Jackson told minor that minor would go to Juvenile Hall if he told and that they'd both be in trouble. Minor also said Mr. Jackson told him about other boys he had 'done this with' but he didn't go as far with 'them.' [Jamie gave authorities the names of four other boys Michael allegedly told him about. Macaulay Culkin's name appeared in the report, but he has denied any wrongdoing on the part of Jackson.] Minor stated Mr. Jackson tried to make him hate his mo. and fa. so that he could only go to Mr. Jackson."

With Michael looming as the dominating presence in his life, Jamie began missing many visitations he would ordinarily have had with his father, the Beverly Hills dentist, who is remarried and has a son with his current wife. In the beginning, patients say, the doctor would brag about his son's friendship with Jackson. The dentist, who had sold one screenplay, seemed eager to continue in show business, and Jamie, who had given him the idea for the screenplay, which was made into a movie, wanted to be a director. The dentist seemed pleased that Michael and Jamie were going to spend five days together at his house, sleeping in a bedroom they would share with Jamie's half-brother.

Michael Jackson Is Gone, but the Sad Facts Remain: Maureen Orth | Vanity Fair

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Sorry but we've already had discussions about this in the original thread and it got way out of hand and had to be closed.

I'm sure there are plenty of other websites / forums you could go to to express your disdain for MJ.

Also the blog section of the forum
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