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So very sad.....I remember the Jackson Five as a child. So we sort of grew up together.
Michael was a brilliant performer and he will be missed. Prayers and kind thoughts to his family and friends.

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Thanks for sharing, TNMP

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His family killed him
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I was never a big MJ fan growing up in the 80's, I knew his songs (who didn't?) and I had several friends who had his records and whatnot but while I liked his music well enough it never really resonated with me like it did with others.

I do remember going to a friend’s house to watch the Thriller video premier and I remember it being a big deal at the time.

He always struck me as an incredibly lonely individual who never matured both because he never really had a proper childhood himself and because he didn’t want to grow up. I don't like what happened to him and what he turned into by his own doing and from the pressures of the world around him. But I do have to give the man respect for the music he made, the walls he broke down and for the lives that he touched.
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I'm hanging out and running around with my mom all day, and we both have our iPods in the car ready to blast MJ all day long.
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Wow, what a strange past couple of days. It seemed like everyone was waiting for poor Farrah to pass away and end her suffering. Then Michael Jackson gets rushed to the hospital. A lot of people were already declaring him dead and CNN hadn't even reported it yet. Turns out they were right because I think he died at 230pm West Coast time.

Anyway, I had no problem with Michael until the first accusation came along in 1993. His plastic surgery problems were really starting to get out of hand and he was really becoming a freak. Fast forward a few years and it seemed things just got worse for Michael all across the board. Then in 2003, another kid comes forward and Michael flat out gets busted on a VH-1 special where the kid says that Michael insisted they sleep in the same bed. After that I really didn't give a shit about Michael.

But, when Thriller came out and took the world by storm, I was in the 4th and 5th grade. Everywhere you went you saw Michael Jackson. On the radio, on the video. All of the merchandise. The gloves, the jackets, the sunglasses, the posters. You couldn't escape it. When he did the moonwalk on the Motown special for the first time, people went crazy. It seemed like Michael had everyone in the world's attention. The Reagan's loved him that's for sure. And he was able to sustain that for a while despite his appearance changes. All the way up to Dangerous, Michael was still putting out decent music. It is a shame that he got wrapped up in all of his eccentricities. People are saying that he died way too young, but I think he got a lot of mileage out of his 50 plus years on this planet. Did we really wanna see what he'd look like at 60 anyway? Hell, the guy's face at one point was being covered by 3 band aids.

Anyway, with Michael Jackson's death, a piece of my childhood died. When Mike was in his prime in the 80's, you couldn't escape him and that wasn't such a bad thing. I think I liked more of the songs from his Bad album then I did from Thriller. It seemed like he had more good hits on that one. Rest in peace Michael. They'll never be another one like you, that's for sure.
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Originally Posted by impy13 View Post
How long until Boner comes out with some poen about how "Michael molested America before America molested him?"
This is a very childish remark.
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Originally Posted by thatsnotmypuppy View Post
There was no glove today. Man - how I wished there was.
Don't we all...
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Just wanted to give a big to all who have shared their personal memories over the last few hours. Mark - I never realized (or maybe forgot) that your first live experience was the Jacksons - HeartlandGirl, JanuaryStar, Elizabeth, Lila, VP, U2isthebest, MrPryck2U, Katherine, all of ya...and especially thatsnotmypuppy who was open to admit as a grown man tearing up a bit:

Cause in reality some/most of us aren't simply anonymous posters...we're real people some of us who know each other in real life also who were really touched for the better part of their lives by the brilliant, special, and tragically conflicted genius who was Michael Jackson. Michael truly did make the world a better place by giving us a gift that will last forever: the gift of amazing music.
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Originally Posted by A stor View Post
This is a very childish remark.
Agree. I just can't believe some people's comments here.

There are many many people out there who are heartbroken over this man's death. I'm really sad today, he was part of my youth. It's like part of me has also gone with him.
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Originally Posted by thatsnotmypuppy View Post
Just a few thoughts from me.

Just reading this testimony kind of choked me up a bit, especially the final paragraph.

Yeah, I've said a couple of dumb things over the day, and yeah, there's no doubt in my mind that he was a strange and wacky guy, and quite likely a criminal. But when you listen to the songs that made him famous, you forget all of that. This afternoon, my brother and I listened to Jacksons stuff in the car, sitting in silent awe for most of the time. I've never been an enormous fan of the guy, but the music speaks for itself. He was brilliant.

It's just made everything surreal, like the whole world became more hellish today. That's probably the dumbest thing I've ever written, but, yeah - I really feel for his family, and his fans.

... Oh wait, this isn't an obituary thread, is it? Sor-ry!
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I am very sad today. I remember wanting to go to his concert in 1987 in Rotterdam just a few months after my dad past away but my mother was afraid I might get hurt. I just thought about that today playing some songs form Thriller and Bad at work. The man was a genius, a scarred individual who made big mistakes in his life but I will never forget him and will allways be thankful for the wonderful musical gifts he has left behind .
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Originally Posted by thatsnotmypuppy View Post
Tonight I'll go to sleep listening to 'Bad' and hope that whatever version of heaven exists there is room for Michael Jackson.

Wow....Fantastic writing...thank you.

I even taught my class and another class a version of the Thriller dance this year for our school festival.


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Driving to work today and listening to the radio reports, I still can not believe it.
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A beautiful post.....TNMP. It made me cry.

Are a writer, by profession? If not, you should be.

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michael jackson

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