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Originally Posted by dazzlingamy View Post
I was *SO* disappointed with the movie, parts of it were wonderful and great but on the whole it seemed really flat and morose rather then as epic as the book is.
One thing they changed that really annoyed me was not freezing Harry when Dumbledore is on the roof. No way would Harry let snape walk past and motion for him to be quiet because Harry fully doesn't trust Snape and wouldn't just stand there and let him kill Dumbledore.
Also the part in the book of when the spell breaks as Dumbledore dies is fucking HEARTBREAKING. That would have been wonderful on screen nwing ths pell has broken because Dumbledore is gone. *wail*
I also am cross because they've totally gutted Voldemort. While i think both actors playing him were great and creepy, they left out a lot of his backstory, which i think is going to be hard to then explain the restof the horcruxes in DH.
Also, i think they should have shown more of the Tonks/Lupin storyline, and less on the whole Lavender/Ron pretend, which I did enjoy but felt it went on too long.
And no battle scene? Why have the death eaters there if they do nothing? I wanted to see the battle scene at hogwarts!

anyway besides those few quibbles, and the changes to the story line, it was an ok film, just very flat thats all.
I agree with a lot of this. I also felt that the film started off really strongly but somehow lost it's way after Harry got Slughorn's memory; something just felt wrong and I won't know for sure what that is until I catch it on TV.

I'm totally surprised how this is a lot of people's favourite book of the series too. For me it's the best of the final three, but none of those three were a patch on the first four. Rowling never got back into her stride after taking three years off and while I still lapped them up they're quite sloppy as far as continuity and writing goes. Especially Deathly Hallows.

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harry potter

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