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did you just wink at me?

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Big Brother 16

EDIT: CBS has renewed Big Brother for another two seasons. Further evidence to me that they're planning an All Stars season (otherwise, why two?).

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'Big Brother' Star -- I Wish Evel Dick Stayed In Game ... After HIV Diagnosis |
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Wow, poor guy. Hope he gets the necessary drugs to keep him healthy and also hope the insurance will cover it.
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As far as another All Stars is concerned, Alison Grodner figures they will do one within the next few years, but I imagine it will only be players from the most recent seasons (or mostly from the last few seasons) and only one-timers at that. Jordan and Britney and Dr. Will and Dan and Evel Dick have all been adamant about not wanting to come back (and the last one I mentioned obviously can't and won't) while people like Jeff and Rachel have been pretty overexposed by the Big Brother machine. I could see them mostly taking names from BB14-onward (Ian, Frank, Elissa, Helen, Amanda, maybe Aaryn, Nicole, Frankie, Donny, Zach, etc.) with a few other names from earlier seasons thrown in. The Dan vs. Derrick vs. Will matchup would never happen...two of them don't want to play and Derrick's credentials as a "character" are rather suspect, even if he did play a great game.

On top of that, unlike Survivor where there's immunity wins and hidden idols to shelter a great player like Parvati on her third time playing or being a huge tribal asset like Boston Rob on his fourth season, there's really no benefit to keeping a great player around unless you just want a bigger target to remain in the game...and the house would just all pressure the first HOH to backdoor someone like Dan or Derrick immediately. Meanwhile, Dr. Will's schtick could never work again and it only worked the second time because he had competition muscle (Boogie) to help make him a threat. Nobody in their right mind is going to let Dr. Will dictate the game if he plays again, and without the ability to actually win competitions, nobody would ever have reason to listen to him...thus, I think he would simply be kept around until deep in the game with no real power and be bored out of his mind...

Anyway, if I had to...

1. Will
2. Derrick
3. Dan

by individual games...

1. Derrick (BB16) - Flawless game, never nominated despite their being 871 nominations this summer along with like three rewind weeks and a Pandora's Lair or something. I don't really remember.

2. Will (BB7) - Huge target and most competitive cast ever given their past success. Wins again if Janelle makes the rational move at Final 4.

3. Dan (BB14) - Huge target as a returning winner with people suspicious of him from Day One and the Coaches needing to be protected through the first month due to Rachel winning the previous season against newbies. Yet he persevered and made perhaps the single greatest move in the history of the show with his "funeral" where he not only got off the block, but set himself up to automatically make the finals by removing the biggest threat standing in his way, Britney. Only failing was a jury misread...better to risk going home empty-handed in third with Shane/Danielle in the finals than to let Ian sneak into the Final Three. Even worse, Dan was going to throw that last part of the HOH regardless because he thought Ian was easier to beat. Still, the getting out Shane move was another epic accomplishment and guaranteed him an extra 50K on top of his coaching fee.

4. Dan (BB10) - Probably the most dominant game through this point. A house that wasn't very bright that led to him being the show's only unanimous winner. Very impressive regardless.

5. Will (BB2) - Instituted a lot of important strategies such as throwing competitions and such, but the house was clearly being run by Nicole/Hardy the entire summer. They had no clue what Will was doing on in the background which makes this game that much more impressive. Still, he had a tendency to try to be hilarious too often and while it made him probably the most entertaining reality character in history (his Diary Rooms that season were absolutely hysterical), he often rubbed people the wrong way by poking fun at them which earned him a seat on the block practically every week.

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