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What's the best thing about your country?

The vastness of space, the fact you can drive out of a city and feel like you are the last person on earth, the nostalgia that hits you up north - that this really is in many ways the last frontier and there is unlimited opportunity that comes with it.

The worst?

The weather. It's disgusting. How could anybody settle here voluntarily?

What stereotype of your country would you most like to be rid of?

That we're polite, yet unsophisticated version of Americans.

What stereotype seems uncomfortably accurate?

That we are obsessed with not being identified as Americans by the rest of the world.

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Originally posted by anitram
What stereotype of your country would you most like to be rid of?
That we're polite, yet unsophisticated version of Americans.
Really? Huh. I'm aware there's a certain stereotype of Canadians as the 'nice' North Americans, and kind of get the sense that some Canadians feel this threatens to signify 'bland' at times, but I've never had the idea that there's a stereotype of Canadians in general as 'unsophisticated.' I mean, I kind of figured we had the market cornered on trash culture.
Originally posted by A_Wanderer
What sterotype seems uncomfortably accurate?
The situation for aborigines
To the extent that external stereotypes could be argued to have some useful ability to bring about change, I've actually often wished there were more of a stereotype about the situation of Native Americans than there seems to be. They are, by far, the single most impoverished American ethnic group, and while the handful of people I've known who specialize in Native American studies hold widely divergent ideas as to what the best solutions to that are, I don't know a single one who believes we've done anything remotely resembling a good or fair job at it. Maybe it's mostly because they're a considerably smaller share of our population even than indigenous Australians are there, I don't know.
Originally posted by verte76
What stereotype seems to be the most accurate?
Some Southerners *are* stupid hicks.
Just got back from a conference in Georgia last week, where I received a nice refresher course in that archetype courtesy of a singularly ill-advised motel choice on my part. Trying feverishly to polish off the paper I was presenting with drunken fistfights and fireworks and prostitutes, the whole bit going on right outside my door (and through the very thin walls) until the wee hours. Good times!
Originally posted by Irvine511
no thank you. i feel quite oppressed by (american) football, baseball, and basketball and all it's accompanying inanities. i just want my swimmers appreciated, dammit.
I can relate...trying to find someone who actually wants to sit down and watch the track and field events at the Summer Olympics with me is like pulling teeth.

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