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Originally posted by KhanadaRhodes

but the people who'd rather surf or can't work with meat since they're a vegetarian (or some other lame excuse), for them, there is no excuse. they're just ripping off the government and in my eyes, the people who really deserve it and can't get on welfare or maybe can't get enough money because of the deadbeats.
I agree that most persons on welfare shouldn't be picky about their jobs and should take whatevers passing by, but you're bringing up a really bad example. (about the vegetarians) I don't think thhey should be obliged to take a job at McDonalds if they feel their ethics is more important. It's NOT some lame excuse. You obviously have no understanding of why some people choose to be vegetarians. As a vegetarian myself, I wouldn't take a job at McDonalds. I would not support their industry of killing animals in millions.

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McDonalds might not be a good example for working with meat...

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Originally posted by RavenStar
McDonalds might not be a good example for working with meat...
Thats exactly what I thought Raven. What bloody meat? Lol.

Seriously though U2FReAk this girl was just one example., I wouldn't even go so far as to suggest she represents any kind of group of unemployed. Her morals are her right, but she used it as justification in a way that was really moot anyway. I dont think it could possibly be true that McDonalds is the only place she could find work. If anything, I'd doubt whether they would employ her as it looked as though she hadn't washed her hair in ages and wouldn't be keen to tie it back or remover her numerous facial piercings.

I think one of the biggest gripes we have is one Khanada brought up - and that is these people create the kind of numbers that mean the genuinely needy (ie those without a lot of choice) get less. Welfare is a necessity for some. Not a right for all to use or abuse at their leisure.
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This is the situation in my country, Malaysia. We do not have a welfare system BUT rebates are given to the indigenous people of Malaysia (the Malays). This means that the hard earned money of the non-Malays (i.e Indians and Chinese) go directly to funding the Malays, simply because of our race. Yes, this makes me angry, because not all non-Malays are prosperous, contrary to popular opinion. Just thought it'd be interesting for you to know the different situations around the world.


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