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Old 09-25-2001, 06:02 AM   #16
Jesus Online
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All I can say is the problem with this current wave of terrorism is a short term issue. By all means they need to be brought to justice, and violently if needed. Although I hate to say that.

But after that, you have a more long term problem of sorting out what the problem really is. Now whatever that may be, violence may very well not be the only method of effectively fighting it. In fact I would hate to think it is, because that would mean America and every other target country needs to be prepared for constrant battles with these groups.

Remember violence is the means to an end for these people. It comes from their original problems they have with America. Firstly sort out this attack, then focus on what the issues really are. No one wants repeats of this.

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Old 09-25-2001, 09:59 AM   #17
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Klodomir - Ha!

Help! The clones are attacking!!

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Old 09-25-2001, 07:39 PM   #18
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Very well said, Henry .(Moulin)
I agree with almost everything you said ( I say almost, because i'm in a hurry and just skimmed over everything - i'll go back to it tomorrow).
And i too dont just exclusively blame the terrorists, i am PISSED at the US government for not doing anything to stop them. They know better. they knew this guy was planning something. And airport security is nothing but a sick joke. They attack 11 year olds for admitting that they didnt pack their own bags - their mommy did - but then they go and let the real criminals on. Fools. There are a few things airport security could have done to stop them, and there are MANY things the US government could have done. If i were related to any of the victims, i would sue.
The terrorists should be killed, and the responsible parties in the government should be jailed. No mercy, and no forgiveness here. They make me sick.
What really should also be done is send those twits to catch the terrorists themselves!!! Send them over to Afganistan! I'd do almost anything to see that! They are partly responsible , now they must pay the price for their crime.
I dont much care if they get killed while doing it, I just dont want to see any innocent members of the military hurt.
Send the pols instead!

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The Fly
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A couple years ago, when I went on my annual trip to visit family in South Florida, I forgot that I had a box-cutter in my carry-on backpack. It was from work and I forgot to take it out. The airport security caught it and took the blade out. I fail to understand why they didn't catch those terrorists! To top it off, some of the terrorists lived in my parents' neighborhood in Delray Beach. Florida. That creeps me out. I do not like violence as a rule, but too much has happened, and it has got to stop!!

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