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Old 01-30-2006, 07:04 PM   #16
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Originally posted by nbcrusader

savor this moment nbc...

savor it!!! are you savoring it???? iI KNOW I AM !!!!!!

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She's a real person, in grave danger.

*think beyond that screen we are all looking at*

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Originally posted by the iron horse
She's a real person, in grave danger.
think beyond that screen we are all looking at
is it not just about supporting the President
things like this will hurt his popularity

we only want good propaganda
please, don't even mention that The U. S. is taking female hostages
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Originally posted by Se7en
while i believe 100% that people have a right to know what is going on here, it seems that publically airing the footage is more about ratings than news.
Yes, and it's a sad commentary on what we feel drawn to watch that this sort of footage drives up ratings. It's almost pornographic really. There is a kind of fundamental affront to human dignity in these scenarios that I feel should not be further enabled by airing it. I am well aware of the cynical argument that Hey, the whole damn conflict is one ongoing affront to human dignity so what makes this any different, but then most of the worst affronts are not being shown. And probably some of them should be, Abu Ghraib footage for example--but note the hostages' identities were for the most part protected there, as they should have been. I am not opposed to unflinchingly depicting the consequences of violence and disregard for human dignity per se, but I do think some lines must be drawn to avoid further humiliation of individuals by making a perversely titillating public spectacle of their private suffering.

I went to Islamabad on a research trip a couple years back and before I left, my brothers sat me down and only half-rhetorically said Please, please, please be careful where you go and whom you go places with, because if you should EVER become some kind of Danny Pearl horror story splashed across the news, it would turn us into sick pathological trigger Islamophobes for the rest of our lives, plus Mom would go to her grave with her last memory of you being a pathetically helpless doomed pawn on a television screen. I guess that is partly where I am reasoning from. The right to know carries its moral risks, too.
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I know it's all a reflection of what the public wants and what sells, and that the media is a business like any other, blah blah...but it would be nice if just for once, on this one issue, they could have a little respect for human dignity and maybe a little reservation about how much power they give the captors by running these tapes over and over.
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I couldn't watch that, it felt wrong to even look

I can't begin to imagine how her family felt

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