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Old 09-30-2004, 01:44 AM   #31
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The reference to ETA was an illustration of the difference between nationalist and religious motivations for terrorism, in said case ETA used an assasination whereas Al Qaeda used an indiscriminate bomb to kill lots of innocent people. They have different objectives and different considerations that go into their attacks.

I feel that this thread has been started with the principle purpose of continuing an argument in a locked thread - an argument directed at me. This appears to more of a personal argument with me than anything else, whatever I have done to dlihcraw it I apologise, but it does not excuse the repeated baseless charges of racisim, hate speech and murder intent - regulars on this board - even those who I have had disagreements with would know that that is not so.

There have been two threads with the clear intent of attacking me and my position, which I will defend with pride, but serve no real purpose. If I dont agree with somebody I do not label them a terrorist or anti-Semite, it is only fair that dlihcraw extends the same courtesy.

I am more than happy to engage in positive debate - regulars can vouch for that, but this all seems to be motivated by some personal hatred of which I was not aware existed until yesterday. The attacks have been petty and personal and run contrary to the spirit of FYM.

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what best drummers said.


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1) I understand about the ETA point, I was actually trying to aim that comment at the one who I thought had made it in the first place.

2) I am aware of what members usually contribute in this forum, and your remarks are noted, A_Wanderer.

3) I think the purpose of this thread has been exhausted.

4) This thread will be closed because neither of you can seem to control yourselves or your tone when replying to each other. It really does sound too much like the 'he started it first' argument, and you're probably both right. Or wrong. Either way, I don't care anymore. Its wrong, its petty and its just not good debating.

No more comments about Hitler. Bury the hatchet. And please, avoid each other like the plague.


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Gas smells awful; You might as well live.

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