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Originally posted by Achtung_Bebe
Take God out of the picture and life would be meaningless... there would be no reason for our existance.
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Originally posted by Spiral_Staircase
Why would Homo sapiens, evolving from earlier hominids, look at the dark, cold world around them, full of misery, suffering and death, and attribute it all to a good and wise Creator?

Originally posted by famous rungi

- fear of death i.e unknown


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Why would the fear of death lead us to believe that there is a good and wise creator behind all the death and misery in the world?

Actually, why would we even fear death? At first it seems logical, because we do fear death. But try to look at it objectively. Again, think of an early Homo sapien, why would he look at a dead body and think there is anything unknown, or anything to fear? It is something that was alive and now is dead, and it's flesh will be consumed, like every other living thing on the planet. I don't see why reason would lead him to believe that there might be something more, something uknown. People have always had some fear of the dead. A graveyard is a scary place. Why? What could be more harmless than a dead person? I mean, they're dead!

But for whatever reason, we believe there might be something more, something unknown beyond death. C.S. Lewis says this is something that "cannot be the result of inference from the visible universe," and I tend to agree. This is what he calls "the experience of the numinous." It's that illogical feeling that there is something unknown and probably more powerful than you out there....something that you fear, not because It is necessarily evil, but simply because it is unknown and powerful, and if It were against you you would be in trouble.
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Originally posted by Like O2

Hey, look who it is? "Hi Bebe!"
Hey Like O2!
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Who am I to say if there is a God?
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Lewis is a favorite of many Chistians and they accept and adopt his arguments as sound because his arguments support their views. Thatís ok, I have not studied them much and will not reject them out of hand.

Looking at it objectively is good. That means outside of oneís belief system.

I donít think early homo sapiens had the concept of God.

I donít think anybody fears the dead, except in the relationship that they do not want to be dead. Most living creatures fight not to die. Because of humans reasoning ability they have come up with a concept of not dying even with physical death, how comforting for those who participate in the belief system.

All the many religions. - What we call the three great religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism.
Hinduism, Buddhism, even the ancient Egyptian and meso-American religions all have one common denominator. All promise life after death.

One could conclude: Why God. -- Because with God comes religion and a promise of life after I die, and after my loved ones die. It is comforting and I choose to believe.

As for me, I dont know. I dont reject the concept. I like the moral values expounded in the Bible and other religious writings. There are many common beliefs shared by most religions. They are just common sense for humanity to coexist and survive in healthy communities.

After we die I donít know what happens. But while we are alive it is to everyones advantage to create a better world for all.

When I was younger and participated in a religion, they were always talking about the hereafter, Godís plan, eternity, etc. My life is so simple now - not thinking about all that. I do the right thing because it is right and comforting to me. I feel in harmony with myself and that I am making a contribution to the betterment of those that come after me.

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