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The Fly
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Why does the southern part of the U.S. still insist on flying the Confederate flag?

I'm not trying to be obnoxious about this, but I really don't understand why the south insists on keeping this flag. Especially when it's so offensive to so many people.

Can someone help me understand?

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An Angel In Devil's Shoes
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I've often wondered why it is so offensive? Remember the Dukes of Hazard? No one complained when a huge confederate flag was painted on the General Lee (not to sound lightly about the situation).

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i'm really at a loss for words for this one...i hope that there can be changes made soon so others will no longer be offended.

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Paper Gods
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Originally posted by nellie:
i'm really at a loss for words for this one...i hope that there can be changes made soon so others will no longer be offended.
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I suspect that there are a variety of reasons people still support the flying of the Confederate flag.

Those who object may be right to some degree; there are probably a few who support the flag because of the racist connotations - because they themselves are racist.

But many of those who support the flying of the flag may be honest about the reasons they give: many claim they support the flag because of the other, oft-ignored reason for the Civil War - namely, the states' right to secede (a right that does seem implicit in the Declaration of Independence).

Others may honestly claim they support the flag because of the Southern culture. The Southern culture is not defined solely by racism (just as the German culture is not solely defined by anti-Semitism; see also Wagner, Goethe, and Beethoven). It is also defined by its cultural and economic conservatism; its great Cajun food, creole cuisine, and barbecue; its music - country, bluegrass, the blues, gospel; and the fact that real Southern gentlemen open doors for ladies.

Others may support the flying of the Confederate flag because it really pisses off the urban elites of both coasts. They're damn Yankees, thus their opinions don't count for much, or so goes the sentiment.

I myself am conflicted over the debate. The Civil War was lost, a second Civil War isn't going to happen, so there's not much point. There's also the intuition that real Southern gentlemen do not go out of their way to offend others, and the flag clearly offends quite a few Southern blacks. All of this leads to the conclusion that the flag should be lowered.

And yet...

I also know FULL WELL that the lowering of the Confederate flag from state capitols, etc., will not be enough to please a LOT of people. The suggestion that "others will no longer be offended" is crap.

In a large cemetary near Birmingham, there flies the six flags that have historically flown over the state of Alabama: France, Spain, Great Britain, etc. The Confederate battle flag has been replaced THERE by a less familiar Confederate flag, the result I'm sure of either political pressure or the fear of such pressure.

I'm dead certain that there are a LOT of people who won't be happy until the flag flies nowhere, even over Confederate war memorials; until those memorials are removed; until such historical sites as the Confederate White House (in Montgomery) are gone; and until every road, city, and county named after Lee, Forrest, and Stonewall Jackson are renamed.

The South lost the Civil War and has since been ridiculed by Holywood for decades. Lincoln wanted to rebuild the broken South while allowing it to retain its dignity and honor; Lincoln was a man of wisdom and decency. Many of those who want the battle flag down lack both of those qualities and will not be happy with any such concessions.

For that reason, even if I disagree with the flag supporters (and I probably do), I STILL empathize with their reasons.
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Paper Gods
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there are two reasons i don't think the confederate flag should be raised (read on for more elaborate explanations):
1. to many, it represents racism.
2. it also represents a now non-existant government.

the confederacy wasn't built solely on racism and slavery. however, to many people, all it represents is this very thing and that it's been hindering blacks to ever be viewed as an equal in everyone's eyes. the worst part of this is that for some, such as ancestors of the confederate soldiers, etc.
also, the confederacy as a government is no longer in existance. the south lost the civil war, and some people can't seem to comprehend this. (of course, i'm not naming names or referring to anyone on the forum.) many people in my city wave their confederate flags, merely because it's the south and it's "cool" to be pro-confederacy. i'm sure many of them don't know what all the confederacy stood for, if they know any of it. what i mean by all this is that i think confederate flags should be limited to being at confederate memorials ONLY. just as people from other countries don't wave around old flags (i'm not totally certain on this), what's the point of embracing a government system that's been dead for 150 years?
the flag serves no purpose to our country today (present, not past events), which is why it should be limited to being in memorials only. especially with all this post-9/11 crap where we're supposed to be one big, united country, having parts of the country embracing the past in such a manner only further divides the country.

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Paper Gods
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Originally posted by Achtung Bubba:
just as the German culture is not solely defined by anti-Semitism
yeah. after the school shooting at littleton, our rather close-minded principal was seriously considering removing the german language from the foreign language catelogue, feeling teaching german embraced nazism, thus saying what happened that day was all right.

that had to have been the most stupid lack of judgement i'd heard in years. having already started taking it (i was in my first year of it at the time), i would've wasted a year of taking a foreign language, since to graduate, you had to have two years of the same foreign language. luckily, someone must've finally spoken up and said the two had no correllation. years later, i'm still taking german at the university i attend now.
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Jesus Online
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Only a completely unrelated side not, sorry to barge in, I always thougt 'creole' cuisine was a food of the West Indian folks, Jamaica etc..? hmm.
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I am very much a southener...my family has been in the south since the 1700s...even earlier if you count my Cherokee ancestors.

The Confederate Flag does not represent me or mine or a good part of the south. I'm talking about those of us who are descended from people who were Union loyalists at the time of the Civil War. I am proud of my ancestor Standford Lea who was from NC but fought for the Union. Another ancestor had his farm burned *by Confederates* because of his politics.

The flag is a symbol of a south that has nothing to do with my southern family. It does not represent the southern culture of my family. I'm tired of looking at it. I'm not so much offended as I am angry when I see it. Its not only blacks who don't like it.

dream wanderer
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love, blood, life
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Great post Bubba!

I visted Montgomery a few years back and toured Jefferson Davis' "White House."

I was astonished to actually hear a person on the tour with us mummble "not so" under his breath "This should still be the White House." I spent two weeks at a few historical site in central and northern Alabama, and heard similar remarks at the majority of the sites I visited.

Now, I know these were a select few individuals, and this is far from the consensus in the South, but it gave me a better understanding of why people still want this flag flown.

It kinda scared me. Are we really the "United States?"
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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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When I was younger, I was a huge Civil War buff. I knew everything there was to know, especially pertaining to General Robert E. Lee. I have a Confederate flag. I also have Confederate money. I have a lot of Civil War momentos. Do I fly the flag? No, of course not. Do I see why anyone should fly the flag? Not really, except Confederate war museums, or the like. Also, here in Texas, we have Six Flags Over Texas (same in Georgia and St. Louis, among others). These 6 flags represent the 6 countries that once "owned" Texas. To remove the Confederate flag from Six Flags would not only be the height of political correctness folly, it would also be revisionist history.
You can definitely take political correctness too far.
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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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The south was never a country so why should the Confederate flag fly over 6 flags over Texas?
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Originally posted by STING2:
The south was never a country so why should the Confederate flag fly over 6 flags over Texas?
how do you define a "country"?
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I lived in a small rural Southern town the first 22 years of my life. Then I moved to NYC. The folks in my hometown (my mother's friends) have referred to me as "that Yankee" ever since. It would be wrong to make any sweeping generalizations based on that, yet it does seem that many people in the South still view life through a division that once was.

Bubba, that's a pretty good overview of the flag situation, I'd say. However, I do find it offensive and would like to see it go away. I find it offensive mainly because the people I personally know who fly the flag are of the racist variety, although I also have one friend who has the confederate flag in his house because he's simply a Civil War buff. But I think today it offends more than it doesn't.

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What would people in Germany say if certain states (do they call them states?) decided to raise Nazi flags as rememberance for all those Germans who died in World War II?

It is one thing to personally own the memorabilia as collectors' items...that I can understand. It is another for such memorabilia to be state-sponsored.


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