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Originally posted by Ft. Worth Frog
I never said those were the issues that divided Christians I merely pointed out two differences.
I was speaking more in terms of your notion that one side looks at all scripture why the other seems to throw more out., but like I said another thread.

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Originally posted by nbcrusader

I think you would agree that this is a very narrow interpretation of the word "porneia". My recollectionis that the word is used in many other passages to condemn sex outside of marriage.

If porneia is limited to incest, then many other passages of Scripture do not make sense.
Well, yes, the problem is "porneia," like most commonly mistranslated words and concepts, has no modern equivalent.

It literally means "blood mixing," which is a reference to Jewish ritual purity codes in the Mosaic Law. "Blood mixing," in practice, were prohibitions against marrying close family members. The Gospel of Matthew, originator of the so-called "exception clause," was Jewish Christian. So where it gets complicated is that Gentile Christianity (the origin of modern Christianity) completely reversed out Mosaic Law, as Paul emphasized conversion and faith over "law." Hence why the Pauline epistles emphasized "faith" and "grace" as the origin of salvation. The Book of James, on the other hand, was another Jewish Christian text; hence, its belief that faith and good works were necessary. The Gospel of Matthew, as analyzed, is known to have at least two authors, the latter which did a good job of editing out and adding things to suit Gentile Christian ideology...but not very efficiently. It's a mess.

Overall? I look at all of the things said in the gospels about divorce, and, overall, it does not support it. This is a very dubious passage, in general, not only having an obscure Greek word referring to an archaic Hebrew concept, then, on top of it, having blatant evidence of the KJV mistranslating it completely. I have to wonder if the Church of England purposely mistranslated it to support its belief in divorce. After all, we're talking about a religion founded solely to grant Henry VIII a divorce from Catherine of Aragon.


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OK, things are getting heated in here. Let me try to bring some peace into this thread (Jesus did say "blessed are the peace-makers" ).
Let's focus on what we agree on. It seems that everyone here would agree that Jesus's teachings can be summed up in one word - love.
Everything boils down to that.
So, now that we agree on that (if you don't please explain) we should try and figure out how our politics should reflect love.
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And that is a whole other thread

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