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THere's no doubt in my mind that the majority of European nations don't stand with us and will never stand with us in our efforts in the middle east. While we ask Arafat to stop funding terrorists, the EU continues to give Arafat $10 million Euros a month to keep his govt. afloat. They just pledged an additional 5 million for the recent Israeli incursion. They didn't make him agree to any demands to stop his funding of groups like Hamas in order
to receive the money.


The US has a mostly left-leaning media (i.e. CNN, MSNBC, etc, etc), but we also have right-leaning components (i.e. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, etc etc). Europe's mainstream media, on the other hand, is basically composed of left and "further left" components. They don't have anyone to "balance them out". This is a great environment for brainwashing and that's exactly what's happening. I can't think of the last time I saw a post by a European that wasn't critical of the US.
The majority of Europeans who I've met here in the US and on the net are fully versed on the many "evils" of our country (probably more so than the evils of their own countries) and the post-911 sympathy shown on many US stations from Europe was only a glance at a few groups in Europe to make us all feel better. The majority of Europeans may have felt a moment of sympathy followed by a ton of gloating and finger-pointing. Just note that a book that has recently sold 200,000 copies in France and has placed at the top of best-seller lists there implicates the US in a massive conspiracy. The book claims that the 9-11 planes were computer-controlled by the American govt. and that Muslims were never involved in the attacks. The author reasons that Muslims could not have been involved since the Quran forbids suicide (see Palestine vs. Israel). The fact that the French public has shelled out money for such trash (to reach best-seller status) despite the fact that their own media ridicules it is evidence of a culture sickness.


The reactions of the European press to everything done by the Bush administration is a kneejerk reaction that comes from being unable to understand any right-wing perspective since they have no significant right-wing groups in their countries. They only feel obligated to pander to the left-wing. I predict that Europe will grow increasingly more critical of us when we refuse to go along with UN mandates. They want us to be held accountable with international courts where our soldiers will be threatened by corrupt international politics and they want our power to be held at the mercy of a bunch of anti-American Arab and European bureaucrats in the UN. The world is going to hell in a handbasket! You heard it here!

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