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Old 05-11-2005, 12:46 AM   #61
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I would want a moral and ethical society...but knowing how Homo Sapiens are by nature...It would be asking too much...

So....anything is ok.. unless u break serious legal rules.

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oh I don't know if this quiz could nail me down, so here it goes

I am a Flip-Flopper because I have changed my mind before!!!!!
I am a War Mongerer because I believe that we need a big strong military and shouldn't cut the defense budget at all!!!!
I am a Liberal Hippy because I think pot should be legal and that the war in Iraq was foolish.
I am a Conservative Bible Thumper because I beleive in Jesus!!!
I am a Redneck because I drink shitty beer and I am from a red state!
I am a Pinko because I beleive in social programs!!!!!
I am a Fence Rider because I am a moderate centrist!
I am a Heathen because I think America has sold out to corporations!!!!!!
I am a Libertarian because I beleive in liberty!!!!
I am a Leftist because I beleive in liberty!!!
I am a Right Winger because I beleive in patriotism!!!
I am an Nationalist because I love this country!!!!!
I am a part of the Hate America First Crowd because I don't think everything we do is always right, all the time.
I am part of the Love America First Crowd because I believe in the founders of this country and the men who died defending it!!!!
I am an American who just wants love and peace OR ELSE!


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Green - You believe that small economic units should control the goods, and that the government should be permissive of "victimless crimes," respectful of civil liberties and very strict towards big business. You also believe in either a socialist tax structure or more power to local communities. You think that environmental policies should be written into law. Your historical role model is Ralph Nader.
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Old 05-11-2005, 08:03 AM   #64
The Fly
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"Anarcho-Syndicalist - You believe that governments and corporations are both equally evil. You think that all people should have maximum personal freedom. You think everyone should have control over their economic production, because the economy should be structured completely in terms of cooperatives and communes. Your historical role model is Noam Chomsky."
...duh. Hey, se7en and hiphop, let's form a u2 co-op!

Does anyone really believe that manmade laws do anything, stop anyone from doing what they want to do ?- murder still happens...If you really want to kill someone, I am sure the last thing on your mind is "gee, this is against the law" . It is personal moral beliefs that dictate behavior, not state laws.
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War Child
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