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The "Go F*** yourself, Mr Cheney" was actually broadcast live on CNN. I thought the F-bomb rule applied to cable news as well, if not other programs? Go, "liberal media"!

I hope the guy was not arrested., THe old lady who heckled Condi when she was shopping for shoes a week ago was arrested. Wonder if they'd have the guts to air it if someone saif that to Bush himself?!?! Prob not. Treason, you know.

Sorry, That's the only lighthearted thing I'll ever say about this situation.

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[QUOTE]Originally posted by kellyahern
[B]You, Cheney going around and touring NO and Mississippi, okay fine. Then I watch Anderson Cooper tonight, and people are still stranded! He goes out on a boat with a doctor to do a story about the water, and they find some poor guy who says he's been in this building all week and people are still stranded there and no one's been to help them. Right now, they're talking to an elderly man who only speaks Spanish and they just found him above a store. Just like right this minute!

And Cheney's going around, "Oh it's tough, but we're making progress."

Where is his rage? Isn't he angry? I mean, I just . . . aarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Xanax I think.......lots of Xanax.............seems quite prevalent....it explains everything..............everything will be okay...........


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Well, at the beginning of the disaster, he was fly fishing in Wyoming while still on vacation. He did have some work to do though, because on Thursday Halliburton "was assigned" a cleanup contract from the Navy. Then, he flew up to Chesapeake Bay to buy a multi-million dollar mansion. Finally, once Rove called him, he made his way back to Washington, on Friday, where he had a photo-op.

Now he's on another business-trip, onsite, surveying upcoming reconstruction projects, while commenting that relief efforts were "very impressive."

Meanwhile, there are still gross incompetencies and excessive red-tape procedurally within FEMA, with people still left unrescued and dying, to this day, particularly in areas outside of New Orleans.

If Bush and Cheney had a *fraction* of the compassion and leadership of General Honore...

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