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Old 07-09-2002, 01:09 PM   #1
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Normal Where were you? (WTC related)

For the past couple of months I have been travellig to many cities in the US for numerous reasons, but mostly for weddings. The thought occured to me as I was walking down Worth Avenue in Palm Beach Florida (one of the wealthiest locations in the US)

Where were you on 9/11 when the first plane hit, and what did you immediately think?

I know this has been discussed ad nauseum, but I keep thinking about it.

For the record ouizy was on his way to work (1.5 blocks from the site) and then very concerned about getting family members and friends out of the site area, and then getting myself to safety for the remeinder of the day/week/month...

I really am curious about those who were NOT in NYC and what the first reaction was upon hearing/seeing the tragedy...

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Old 07-09-2002, 01:17 PM   #2
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me: sitting in my economics of media course on the first day the class.

didn't know anything had happened 'till noon. couldn't figure out why my cell phone had been jammed all morning. was shocked when my dad called me(he was one of the thousands flying into america to be grounded in the maritimes) to make sure i wasn't in downtown ottawa.

i didn't believe anything anyone told me until i saw the video myself. i had been there 2 months previous...

im the candyman. and the candyman is back.
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Old 07-09-2002, 01:21 PM   #3
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Okay, I was at home standing at our fax machine and waiting for a fax to come out. I took the fax and read it and my friend had faxed me to turn on the radio or the TV or both because there is no WTC anymore. And I thought 'WTF? No WTC? Is she mad?!' I turned on the radio and listened to a report and just couldn't believe it. I thought that maybe it is April Fool's Day or whatever.....Some minutes later my mom came home, rushed to the TV and we watched those reports until late in the night. I went to bed and prayed a long time.......and listened to SBS until 3 am..... I couldn't believe what I had seen, because I knew that mankind was ill, but not that much!
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I was getting out of the shower when the phone rang. It was my best friend telling me to turn on the TV. Both of us former New Yorkers, we watched together (on the phone) and wept. I went to work for about a half hour and then they closed the office because everyone was too upset to work. I then went over to Steve's and spent the day together absorbing it and trying to reach friends in NYC. We reached one friend in the East Village and were on the phone with him when the 2nd tower went down, which he could see from his high-rise window.
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Old 07-09-2002, 01:24 PM   #5
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I was going to watch the morning news for the weather report because I was supposed to go to Disneyland for my birthday. I turned on the TV and all I heard was that a plane had hit the first tower and I ran to tell my husband. By the time we both sat down, the second plane had hit.

We both thought it was a small plane at first and didn't realize the scope of the tragedy but after 10 minutes or so, we heard about the Pentagon and knew we weren't going to Disneyland or anywhere else for that matter. I don't think we left our couch for 8 hours. We were just in shock, not knowing where the next strike might be. I didn't want to send my kids to school but I also didn't want them to sit and watch as obsessivly as I was.

My step-son lives 40 miles away from us in LA and called me totally in shock thinking that the world was coming to an end.

We had a good friend in Brooklyn and at the time didn't know how much of New York would be hit so we were really worried about him but couldn't get through but he was okay and moved back to California right away.

I'm glad you were okay Ouizy... I just can't even begin to imagine being that close.
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Old 07-09-2002, 01:27 PM   #6
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I was at school. When the first plane hit everyone thought it was an accident. Then the second plane hit. The the Third plane hit. If they had of gotten the whitehouse they would of wiped out the country. The twin towers were the financial aspect of the U.S, the pentagon is the militaaspect of the U.S, and the white house is the government aspect of the U.S. Take away Financial, Military, and Government and what do you have left?
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Old 07-09-2002, 01:49 PM   #7
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Originally posted by RavenStar
If they had of gotten the whitehouse they would of wiped out the country.
ummm...I beg to differ. It would not have "wiped out the country". It's quite unlikely that the President would have been in the building anyways, not to mention that there are backup plans in case of that scenario.

Anyways, in answer to the original question. I was in Switzerland, in a tiny village in the Alps. I had finished my afternoon study-time and was walking up to the chalet for supper. One of the guys I ran into asked me if I'd heard about the attack and that the WTC was gone. I thought he was referring to the small plane that had crashed into them a few years back and told him to stop joking. He told me that he wasn't kidding and to come upstairs to watch CNN. The rest of the evening I sat there with about 20 other Americans, Canadians, and Europeans who were also staying at the community and we watched the footage in shock and horror. Those of us who were from N. America weren't sure if it was the beginning of a more concentrated attack and if all hell was going to break loose and we would be stuck overseas.
"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me." - Bono

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Because my car was in teh shop, my mom was dropping me off for work that morning. I distinctly remember what a beautiful day it was in Milwaukee ... blue sky, white fluffy clouds. Anyway, I was about to step out of the car to go into the buinding when the DJ on the radio said that one of the WTC towers had been hit (they were watching CNN in the studio). Then the second one ...

I remember flying up to my office ... flipping on the radio and trying to log onto CNN.com.

My co-workers who were already there hadn't heard anything about it, so I was trying to explain what I heard on the radio.

We puled a TV into the lunchroomand watched teh coverage on TV like so many other Americans ... some cried ... most of us were watching in disbelief, worrying about family friends and business associates in NYC and DC.

They closed our office early that day ...

I remember being glued to the coverage over the next week few weeks. I would cry myself to sleep ... I guess I was sad because of what happened, but more so it was hearing the stories about peopel who dies and families that were torn apart. I remember heing comforted by the stories of kindness and heroism and patriotism.
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Old 07-09-2002, 02:00 PM   #9
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Like JessicaAnn, I remember Distinctly what a beautiful, beautiful day it was in Mass.

I was at work and heard people in the cube next to me saying something about it. I was confused thought it was ..i didn't know. Then when I heard it was true about the plane, I figured it was a freak accident like the pilot had gotten sick. I never, ever ever thought it was intentional or that the building would collapse.

Then I heard that the pentagon was hit and i started to panic a little. We watched the 2nd plane crash..

God it was awful. I still am shaking remembering this. I work in sort of high profile place so I was nervous as the afternoon went on. I walked to the windows after both buildings fell and just looked outside at the brilliantly gorgeous day, almost as if God was saying he would give those people every chance to get out (imagine if it was raining?)

i had a long commute then and there was barely anyone on the highway, no one was going above 55 (usually no one goes below 55) a few days later I was driving home again past a barber shop and this guy wearing fatigues was going in and suddenly ISHFWILF came on the radio and I just cried horribly.

I can't believe it was 10 months ago, it seems like last week.
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Was home.
Woke up.
Turn on interference.com and found out about it.
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Old 07-09-2002, 02:27 PM   #11
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I was in school all day and I heard nothing about it until I got home. I got online and somebody icq'd me:


Or something to that affect...

I was in shock...it was quite unnerving
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Old 07-09-2002, 02:36 PM   #12
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Woke up.
Checked email.
Read that Tower 1 had been hit.
Turned on TV.
Saw Tower 2 had also been hit.
Shortly thereafter, saw Tower 1 turn into a giant shaft of dust.
Thought to myself, "did that tower just collapse?"
Saw the same thing happen to Tower 2.
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Old 07-09-2002, 02:37 PM   #13
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Originally posted by RavenStar
Take away Financial, Military, and Government and what do you have left?
The people.
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Where was I when the planes hit, the building collapsed, etc? I was still asleep in my bed. I didn't have a class until 10:30am and didn't wake up until around 10:00am. I remember riding my bike to class really fast, because I didn't want to be late. I must have pasted by a couple dozen people while on my way, never knowing what they knew.

When I found out, I was sitting outside my classroom, waiting for the earlier class to leave. I was sitting alone, reading my book when I heard a women in an office across the hall describe what had happened. I thought she was describe a movie see saw over the weekend. She kept on talking about it in detail. About how the phone lines, internet site, etc were all jammed, and I finally got up, walked over, and asked her to clarify the situation.

That day will never be forgotten. I remember almost EVERYTHING that happened during the day. What I ate for lunch, who I spoke to...even if for just a couple of seconds.
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must be time to talk about this again.

actually, we were talking about this in chat last night *hugs*

i was in my teacher's office. it was first hour and my teacher came running in. "did you hear about the terrorists?" he said. "oh, in ireland?" (the week previous attacks were taking place in ireland against little catholic school girls) "no," he said reaching for the radio, "a plane just hit the world trade center." so we turned the radio on. and as we did it...the second one hit and...the bell rang and i went to 2nd hour. i told people about what was happening still unsure of its truth. two hours later i had free time so i went and peeked into a classroom. and then i saw it. over and over and over and over again. school basically stopped, we just sat there, in front of televisions crying.

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