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Originally posted by Sicy

I think this is the thread you may have been looking for.


I was at work and found out from that thread. Then of course looked online and saw what was going on.
It was surreal reading through that thread.

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I tried to read that thread and could not do it.

I was living in Los Angeles, had slept late and actually called in sick to work, not knowing what had occurred.

My roommate was in the living room, and asked me if my family were ok. I had no idea what he meant....then he nodded at the TV and that was the beginning of a day I'll never forget. I'm from NYC, all of my old friends live there, a few worked in the Trade Center, my parents and family live there. Jesus.

I lost one HS classmate and one kid I went to grade school who was a cop. I figure I got off easy, knowing only 2 victims.

A lot of people in LA that had no ties to NYC were shocked, of course, but after a few hours, wanted to get away from it, go to the beach, play volleyball, etc. (I hope that does not sound glib, and I'm not saying everyone did that...but a lot of people I know did do that) I understood where they were coming from, but I spent that entire day and night and week glued to the TV. Going to work later that week was so very useless, but I went.

I snapped out of after watching the first tribute concert. I finally cried and let it all out, not sure why it took music to do the trick.

By the time the next week started, I was closer to "normal" and I made sure I went to the first Dodger game post 9/11, so I could lead my life again the way I normally would.

I miss home.

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Originally posted by Kiki
I don't think it was cloudy or rainy anywhere in the States that day, was it? From what I remember, I think it was a beautiful day across the Nation. Today was the same way here in Chicago.
Today it rained here in Boston. I posted a journal entry on where I was on September 11th, 2001. It's strange, but I remember even the most trivial details about that day.
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Perhaps the strangest thing about my memories of 9/11 is how vividly I remember the day before. It was a rainy, windy day, and it was a busy one. I took the GREs, visited my brother at his music shop, then worked on returns at the Borders where I worked for over 7 hours. Back home, I read a book until 3:45 in the morning.

About 8:55 am, the phone rang. I heard someone dictating a message, and tried to ignore it, but the answering machine had this annoying beep-beep-beep tone whenever it received a new message. So, I got up and hit the play button, and it was my mother. "Diane, pick up. If you're there, pick up. A plane has crashed into the World Trade Center..."

When I heard that, I ran to the TV set, with a remote in one hand and the phone in the other. I called my mom, and the first thing she said was, "Thank God!" I sometimes commuted into the city with my freelancing, and she was concerned that I would have a hard time getting home. (People did wind up waiting hours for trains at Penn Station.)

I watched TV nonstop that day. I watched the first report of the plane hitting the Pentagon, and saw the South Tower collapsing live on TV. I was so frightened and felt so alone...it felt like we were under attack and the world was going to end.

I live about 40 miles away from Manhattan, and I could smell the fires at the WTC site from my home.

And Iris' post reminds me that my brother-in-law was in Atlanta on a business trip at the time, and he and his colleagues had to rent a car to drive back home to New Jersey because the planes were grounded. A cousin of his lost her fireman husband that day, and their baby was born after he died.

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