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Old 10-21-2007, 02:49 PM   #31
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Used to be a newspaper reporter, so I'm pretty tuned in to the media.

Read hard copies of USA Today and Seattle Times every day. Read the New York Times online. Also online, MSNBC, Drudge Report, Huffington Post, Yahoo, and various newspapers around the country as stories break.

I subscribe to a bunch of podcasts, including a number of NPR podcasts, and environmental and tech podcasts.

Don't watch much news on TV unless there's a big breaking story.

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Those of you who read several newspapers, how do you do that?
Are just listing which ones you occasionally read, but not on the same day, or do you read more than one each day, or just selected parts, or just skimming/headlines?

I'm curious because if I got one newspaper it takes long enough to read that one that I couldn't think of starting another one. On the other hand I often read many articles because I'm curious to read more than just the headline, but have difficulties adapting to the technique of just looking at text, or skimming. So I really read for myself quietly what is written there.
But especially for my later studies and my coming career (wow! sounds great ) I have to start reading much more, but at the pace I'm doing now the day would need to be much longer.

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Old 10-21-2007, 05:38 PM   #33
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I watch NBC Nightly News most evenings, and try never to miss Countdown with my main man, Keith Olbermann. I also try to catch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

I also look over Daily Kos and Eschalon, two progressive blogs, and read many diaries and comments on them.
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Old 10-21-2007, 06:02 PM   #34
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I have confidence in my bullshit/bias filter, so I am open to any news agency, although I generally have disdain for a lot of them, especially the cable news programs. Newspapers, internet news and blogs etc., I'll read any of them through the same filter.

Now, I don't mind opinionated shows, in fact I watch them here and there, I just want some objectivity in actual news reporting.
What I cannot tolerate are shows like Crossfire (thank God it was cancelled) and Hannity and Colmes. Pure garbage.

The best news show on American television can be found on PBS.
You can watch past episodes for free. The Law of Cheney episode was incredible. While not a 'newscast' proper, it is a news magazine and it's awesome.

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Old 10-21-2007, 06:13 PM   #35
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Originally posted by Vincent Vega
Those of you who read several newspapers, how do you do that? Are just listing which ones you occasionally read, but not on the same day, or do you read more than one each day, or just selected parts, or just skimming/headlines?
I usually spend about 2 hours a day reading news. I really do read all 4 of the papers I mentioned as "daily reading" every day, but no, I don't attempt to read them 'cover to cover'. Usually I skim the text of every article in the world news section (only very briefly, if I already read an article on the topic in whichever paper I started with). With the US news and (if applicable) education sections, I start by skimming the headlines, then click into the actual article for any headlines that catch my eye (there are always several). Then there are a few other sections (opinion, sports, travel) where I always skim the headlines "just in case," but in practice often don't read any of the articles. With the South Asian papers I read I use a similar procedure, except there I'm really only looking for regional stories, and I start by skimming headlines rather than attempting to read all the articles which fit that description (I am more likely to read the opinion pieces with those papers, though).

I do have lots of practice at skimming, and am a very fast reader even at 'normal' speed, which helps.
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Old 10-21-2007, 06:23 PM   #36
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Yes, it's always amazing how well-informed you are about almost every topic.
I've heard of people reading four to five papers each day, usually for professional reasons.

In "normal" reading mode I'm pretty fast as well, though in English texts a bit slower, but I've discovered that it's not fast enough to do all the reading that's required in my later life.

I could spend two hours on one newspaper alone, though I also have to admit that I need to learn to skim articles more, and to be more selective of articles.

We learn to read in school, but maybe it would be helpful if they also taught us techniques to skim texts or to just go over the text with the eyes, instead of speaking the texts quietly.

At least I'm not becoming tax consultant, that would kill me.
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Sydney Morning Herald is the local newspaper - mostly online for me during the week at www.smh.com.au , but I buy the massive Saturday edition every week and getting through it end to end is a regular part of my weekend routine. Otherwise online, the nytimes and a few blogs and opinion sites. Where I go for big stories depends on where they are and what they involve, which is the beauty of news on the net.

Cable news: Sky (Australian), BBC & CNN. My flatmates and I do like tuning into Fox for a good laugh every now and then. It used to be infuriating, but because it just seems so outdated now, it's just funny. What used to be a very scary display of lies tailored to the ignorance and arrogance of it's viewers is now just a bunch of people screaming for any last gasps of attention, their time come and gone. Thank god. I don't know how many Americans realised Fox News was broadcast worldwide, and the effect that potentially had. If you watch Fox and believe a word of it, there are tens if not hundreds of millions of people around the world pointing and laughing at you. It is not a news service, let alone an even remotely credible one. Thankfully, the belief that it in any way represents opinions and beliefs as a whole within the US has long passed.

I generally don't catch network news in the evenings because I'm not home in time, but sometimes catch the later ones on ABC or SBS, which are both channels that are similar to PBS in the US.
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SBS even has a programme both on TV and radio that's in German.
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Old 10-21-2007, 11:12 PM   #39
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I get all my news online via website, streaming radio, podcast, or RSS

World/Canada/US news:

BBC News website
Yahoo News
New York Times
Slate Magazine
National Public Radio (US)

Local news:

The Montreal Gazette
Le Devoir
Various Montreal weblogs

Tech news:

Slashdot - tech news
Digg - user-submitted news
Reddit - see Digg
Guardian Unlimited
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Old 10-23-2007, 08:04 PM   #40
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Originally posted by maycocksean
Would it be shameful to admitt that my primary source for the latest news is:

Free Your Mind.

If there's not a thread on it here, chances are I don't know about it.

I read TIME cover to cover each week as well.

We get FoxNews here but I never watch it. My wife watches the version of CNN we get out here (CNN Asia) and I'll glance in on that occasionally. I dont' really watch much TV at all. (Even Survivor I've taken to watching online so I don't have to wait a week and a day for the new episodes to air here).
I read the news via FYM and read TIME weekly too!

I also read articles that show up on my internet provider's news website. No TV news, occasional newspapers if I'm in a waiting room and there is one available.
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NPR and NPR only... okay mabye a little Daily Show but it's on past my bedtime usually. I grew up on NPR and the other day my 3 year old started humming the theme to All Things Considered!!!

Sunday's I look thru the paper for local news, mainly about how the school district I work for sucks booty.
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Famous Monsters Of Filmland...real news is too scary.

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