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Originally posted by phillyfan26

In all seriousness, I do see that he missed an inside joke here. I meant to use that for other situations.

She's all yours, Cap'n.

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I don't take my creativity in Paint that seriously that I needed you to delete it.

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Originally posted by corianderstem
I can't believe this thread is still open.
It's not looking likely to reliably turn either lighthearted or constructive anytime soon, so I'm inclined to agree.
Originally posted by Irvine511
it just seems to me that, yes, there are significantly fewer conservative posters in here than liberal posters. there are some liberal posters who are flip and emotional and don't add much. but there are some liberal posters who always post something of substance.

...there are some posters who do try to add things of substance while being flip and emotional, but it does seem that the people whining the loudest are the ones who offer the least.

and i'm sorry for tossing people into such binary categories. i agree that there are some "bullies" on the left in here who do need to tone it down, especially when they see something that doesn't seem to have much thought put into it. and what i think we, on the Left, in here particularly, need to do, is to check ourselves. we are in the majority. if we are right, and i am sure we are, then we need to make our points by using facts, logic, and reason. and if someone comes back at you with snide comments, emotionalism, and a huge chip on the shoulder, just remember that you are in the majority, and try to turn the other cheek and maybe even help them out a bit so it's a fairer fight.
Great post.
Originally posted by BonoVoxSupastar
I agree, and I know that I fall into the category of those that probably need to tone it down sometimes.
Frankly, yes, though I do appreciate the acknowledgment and hope a few others who could stand to do the same.
Originally posted by Snowlock
Insults? I tend to be a counter-puncher.
That's exactly the excuse people who routinely tend to be rude always turn to--as if there were no other options available in responding to someone who's rude/'stupid'/hypocritical/'bad debater' etc. etc. It isn't a credible excuse, ever.

With apologies to the thread starter (and any other posters who were sincerely trying to keep it lighthearted, in the fullest sense of the term).

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