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i don't think C.S. Lewis would much care to be put in the same category with an American evangelist....please anglican/episco's and catholics don't kill me for this, but seeing as how the Church of England is very, very, very similar to the Roman Catholic church, and seeing as how Lewis was a member of the Chuch of England, I don't believe Lewis would be a fan of American evangelism

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Originally posted by nbcrusader

I wonder what the motivation was to label this level as "Jerry Falwell"........
I read all of the descriptions....and I wondered the same thing about the description of the "Spong Christians".

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#1 Unity Church
#2 Unitarian Universalism
#3 Episcopal/Anglican Church
#4 Evangelical Lutheran Church
#5 Liberal Quakerism
#6 Eastern Orthodox Church
#7 Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
#8 Methodist/Wesleyan Church
#9 Roman Catholic Church
#10 Seventh-Day Adventist
#11 Assemblies of God
#12 Church of Christ
#13 Free Will Baptist
#14 Mormonism
#15 Presbyterian Church USA
#16 United Pentecostal Church
#17 Mennonite Brethren
#18 International Church of Christ
#19 Jehovah's Witness
#20 Presbyterian Church in America/Orthodox Presbyterian Church
#21 Reformed Churches
#22 Southern Baptist
#23 Orthodox Quakerism
#24 Reformed Baptist
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I don't think Falwell should be in there. Period. Billy Graham would have been much more appropriate and fitting for that particular kind of Christian. This might bother some people as well, but if I were doing the test I'd put Graham in there, not Falwell. Graham has much more integrity than Falwell does. It seems like the person wanted to pick only the most controversial figures. I came up with a "like Bush" score and I'm not a Bush supporter. My score, 278, *is* only 23 points away from being "like Hillary". I think Hillary is a divisive person and I'm not supporting her for the Democratic nomination, but I don't mind being put in the same category, religion-wise, as her.
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Re: What Kind of Christian Are You?

Originally posted by shrmn8rpoptart
What kind of Christian are you?
I'm not...
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I scored 220, and I'm not even Christian

its just about where i'd expect to fall though
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Jerry Fallwell Christian

I particularly liked this description: "You think homosexuals are sinful but try periodically to love them. " (Hopefully no one will be offended by that statement seeing as though everyone is entitled to an opinion and as long as they don't act upon it in a bad way it should be OK. )
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Originally posted by VertigoGal
I'm a "bishop spong christian"


I'm not even a Christian
Neither is Bishop Spong.

It's a stupid quiz anyway because it doesn't take into a diversity of scriptural interpretion into consideration.

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