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What is the G8 and Two Actions You Can Take to Help Africa

Here is the first of two actions that you can take to help Africa at the upcoming G8 meeting in Gleneagles Scotland from 6-8 July 2005.

It is a petition from Oxfam, coalition partner organization of The ONE Campaign:


Next action to follow.

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Next action is a national call in day to the White House TOMORROW to support and EXPAND debt cancellation for the world's poorest countries:

Call Here: (202) 456-1414
Washington office of President George Bush
(please call between 9am & 5pm)


1) I'd like to thank President Bush for announcing 100% debt cancellation for 18 countries to the IMF, World Bank, and African Development Fund; this is an important first step.

2) I urge the President to EXPAND THE LIST of countries to receive debt cancellation to at least the 50 nations included in the bi-partisan JUBILEE Act. Right now there are 62 nations that require debt cancellation to meet the Millennium Development Goals supported by the US government.

3) Also, please tell the President to CUT THE CONDITIONS countries face to receive relief-- Debt cancellation must not be conditioned on nations meeting harmful economic conditions imposed by the IMF and World Bank.

A few minutes of your time could save millions of lives. Please call the White House on Wednesday, June 29th between 9am and 5pm eastern.

Pass this email action alert on to your friends and family.

Thank you for making a difference


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I can't help Jamila because I'm Canadian but I have already bugged the hell out of the PM.
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That's good to know, trevster2k - the international whiteband movement needs Canadians to keep the pressure on PM Martin.

Here is a very lengthy but interesting clip from the GCAP email newsletter.

GCAP is the Global Call to Action Against Poverty and is the international umbrella organization of which ONE.org and MakePovertyHistory.org are member organizations.

This is the international white band movement. You can find them by going to http://www.whiteband.org

This is TRULY an international movement for social justice.

Thanks for your interest.

GCAP Programme of events at the G8

There is a massive range of debates, events, parallel summits and other
activities happening within Edinburgh, Scotland, to campaign for change
the G8. GCAP has a central location at the heart of all these events -
GCAP 'hub' - and this will be the central space during the Long Walk to

There will be on-going debates, seminars, and panel discussions about
aid, trade justice and governance, with perspectives from the national
campaigns, within the GCAP 'hub'. The space will also act as a space
delegates to talk and share the work of their GCAP country coalition
the many hundreds of thousands of people who will be in Edinburgh.

Events to mark the end of the Long Walk to Justice - 6th July
Participants in the Long Walk from across the world (an estimated
with UK and European people) will all come together at an event in the
Edinburgh rugby stadium (Murrayfield) on the evening of the 6th. The
will be the 'send off' of the delegation to meet the G8 leaders on the
evening of 6 July to present the people's petition to the leaders to
poverty. GCAP will be represented on the stage in Murrayfield and the
will include singers and well-known speakers.

The delegation that will then go on to Gleneagles will include GCAP
representatives from the South.

3. July 1 events around the world

Some of the world's most famous landmarks will be adorned with huge
bands on 1st July, as part of a curtain-raiser to a week of global
during which campaigners and the public in 72 countries will use their
voices to call for an end to global poverty.

As part of the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP), the
largest anti-poverty movement, landmarks including Australia's Sydney
Harbour Bridge, Rome's Trevi Fountain, a huge mosque in Indonesia, St
Cathedral in London, Berlin's Brandenburg Gate and a famous cotton tree
Sierra Leone will simultaneously be wrapped in oversized white bands -
symbol of the global campaign.

Coming just 5 days before world leaders arrive at Gleneagles for the G8
summit and a mere 24 hours before Live8 concerts are broadcast around
world, this first White Band Day mobilization will mark the occasion
millions of people will call on their leaders in developed countries to
honour their promises on more and better aid, trade justice and debt
cancellation. Campaigners across developing countries will also
demands on their leaders for transparent poverty reduction initiatives
challenge them to aggressively fight corruption.

An eclectic array of events also marking White Band Day will include: a
music festival in the slums of Maputo, Mozambique, an open air concert
Lusaka, Zambia, a peace rally in Nepal, a rally in the streets of
Vietnam and a concert and rally with a human dragon in the Philippines,
peaceful march of 10,000 in El Salvador's capital San Salvador and
party in Ghana with farmers groups who will highlight the plight of
farmers burdened by unfair trade rules.

The anti-poverty coalition is calling on people across the world to
white wristbands, armbands and headbands, made out of white rags,
and bed sheets, from 1st July until the G8 meeting ends, as an act of
solidarity with the global campaign. By wrapping their homes, schools,
places of worship and themselves in white bands, people across the
will underline that they are unprepared to accept simple rhetoric in
fight against poverty.

White Band Day 1 kickstarts a week of global action - or White Band
Week -
during which hundreds of thousands of people wearing white bands will
out for the Live8 concerts in Johannesburg, London, Paris,
Rome and Berlin, supported by 2 billion more watching the concerts on
television and descend on Edinburgh for a rally calling for an end to
poverty. The week will culminate with hundreds of people making their
way to
Scotland, representing campaigns in developed and developing countries,
part of the 'Long Walk to Justice'.

GCAP Chair Kumi Naidoo said that G8 leaders could not ignore the
call for action when they meet in Gleneagles, Scotland, from 6-8 July.

"Turning a blind eye to the plight of the world's poorest is an
that the G8 has routinely taken. This time around, people in rich and
countries are standing up to say that they will not accept inaction,
indifference and timidity - it's crime against humanity", said Kumi

"We will be saying to G8 leaders do not look the other way and do not
millions of people across the world - the lives of 50,000 people who
die of
poverty daily depend on it" said Guy Ryder, a spokesperson for GCAP.
"We are
stepping up pressure on G8 leaders to mark July's summit with a
to increase aid annually by USD 50 billion - necessary if the
Development Goals and more are to be reached by 2015."

"We recognise that aid alone will not eradicate poverty but 35 years
rich nations of the world committed 0.7% of their gross national income
(GNI) to international development. Today only 5 OECD countries have
this obligation - not a single G8 country has managed to achieve this
35 years is a long time to wait for less than 1%" said Kumi Naidoo.

Ahead of next week's Summit, GCAP will be calling on G8 leaders to
the scope of June's debt deal. Whilst a small step in the right
the package announced by Finance Ministers, failed to grant debt
cancellation to some of the world's poorest countries, including Sri
Bangladesh and Haiti. "We want to see the same political will which led
Iraq's debt mountain being written off virtually overnight applied to
world's poorest countries. When compared to the Iraq debt deal, the
offered by the G8 Finance Ministers is timid and lacking in courage, to
it politely. Gleneagles is the perfect occasion to redress this", said
Coumba Toure, speaking on behalf of the campaign.


Australia - Wrapping of Sidney Harbour Bridge and events in Perth and
Melbourne. MDG 'statues' will walk from the Archibald Fountain to the
Harbour after the unfurling of a gigantic banner with the Make Poverty
History inscription. In Melbourne, a Make Poverty History hot air
will rise above the city and at noon giant letters with the same slogan
rove the city until 2pm.

Indonesia - Wrapping of the country's biggest mosque in Jakarta
followed by

Japan - Japan's White Band Day will focus on the Live 8 concert in a
outside Tokyo featuring Bjork and Deftek, among other international

Vietnam - A meeting bringing together the poor, policymakers, donor
agencies, embassy representatives, NGOs and media. This will be
followed by
a rally along the main streets of Hanoi where people's signatures to
the global coalition will be collected. Rally and meeting participants
wear white bands to express a clear message : the demand for an end to

Sri Lanka - Civil society groups will gather together at the
Square, Colombo wearing white bands and white clothes. The group will
march to G8 embassies to hand over a memo to G8 leaders. White flowers
be given to all ambassadors.

Nepal - A peace rally in Kathmandu and a memo to G8 embassies sent by
civil society organisations. The memo will highlight areas of debt,
aid and trade that are of grave concern for Nepali society.

Philippines - A concert cum rally with dragon clothed in the campaign's
symbolic white performing a dance before the audience.

India: On 1 July the Indian platform Wada na Tado will be holding a
rally in
Delhi. A delegation will also submit a charter of demands to the Prime
Minister and G8 Ambassadors, which will be followed by a press
Hundreds of people will then march to Parliament House, concluding with
human chain, which will be carrying a white banner made up of different
pieces, each with a different message. Nukkad nataks (street plays)
also be take place at various key places in the city. These and related
events will be taking place all over the country. For further
e-mail: wadanatodoabhiyan@rediffmail.com or visit: Web:


Sierra Leone - Cotton wrapping and street party. A white piece of cloth
be wrapped around the famous "Freetown Cotton Tree" planted by freed
A concert will also be held in the centre of Freetown with local
performing live music and a call will be made on G8 leaders to
consider Sierra Leone for a 100% debt cancellation.

Mozambique - Concert and a march. Two mass activities are planned for
1. There will be a music concert in the Maputo slums with local
and crowds joining together for an end to poverty and a march that will
involve churches, students and trade unions to the US embassy.

Tanzania - Rally. Organised by Social Watch, there will be a forum, in
form of a rally, held with civil society, government and UN officials
in Dar
Es Salaam. In the evening a reception involving civil society,
and donors will be held at the Sweet Easy Hotel.

South Africa - March. Southern African Catholic Bishops Commission have
organised a protest march to the US embassy where a petition will be

Uganda - March. In Kampala there will be a street march. The Uganda
coalition will additionally launch a Millennium development Goals
report and
present it to government.

Nigeria - A coalition will converge in Abuja, march, and distribute
at the embassies of G8 countries throughout the city.

Ghana - Beach party. With farmers' organisation, the beach party will
highlight the plight of rice farmers due to unfair trade rules.

Kenya - Wrapping of Kenyatta International Conference Centre and
marches to
G8 embassies to present GCAP list of demands will be the occurrence in
Nairobi. On July 2 thousands of people are expected to gather together
Uhuru Park to be part of "The People's March for Justice: an interfaith
Civil Society Organization Campaign to End Poverty."

Zambia - A march to G8 embassies to present petitions and a radio
program on
Zambia's number one independent radio station, Phoenix FM will mark the
Zambian campaign.


Italy - The Trevi Fountain in Rome will be draped in a white band.

France - The Trocadero's buildings, with the Eiffel Tower as a
will be wrapped with two white bands.

Germany - Bandenburger Tor will be wrapped with a white band.

UK - St. Paul's Cathedral will be wrapped in a massive white band.

Austria: 60 School Kids will wrap their own 300m White Band around the
Federal Chancellery in Vienna on 30 June. The street theater group,
SogTheater, will accompany this action. Politicians and press will join
action and raise awareness on the global fight against poverty.

In the evening of 30 June there will be an expert discussion about
contribution towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
the project time petitions have been collected in regional public fora
Upper Austria, Styria and Tyrol; those will be handed over to the
representative of the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

The action is part of the project 'MDGs do it!', launched by the human
rights organisation FIAN, Food First Information and Action Network,
Südwind. Visit: www.armutszeugnis.at

Spain: On 25 June, the Spanish coalition organised one of the largest
poverty rallies in Spain's history, attracting 50,000 people from all
the country. The rally took place in Madrid.

Sweden: On the 1st White Band Day the Swedish GCAP platform, Utrota
Fattigdomen Nu, is planning to cover parts of the centre of Stockholm
Gothenburg in white bands, which they hope to extend to more towns and
cities. A press conference will be held in Stockholm to inform people
GCAP and the G8 Summit. After the press conference a delegation will
over the demands of the Swedish campaign to the British Embassy.

There has already been extensive media coverage about the upcoming Live
concerts, and Swedish Public Service TV will broadcast the concerts on

White bands and information about the campaign have also been sent to
Swedish EU Parliamentarians as part of the upcoming white band week in

4. Regional news

This week, we are pleased to present a special feature on the GCAP
activities in various Arab countries and in Europe.

Lebanon: The Collective of NGOs in Lebanon and the Lebanese Center for
Training of Unionists, which is part of Public Services International,
called for a mobilization on the 1st of July at 12 noon at the Martyr's
Square in down town Beirut. The two groups have been working with the
and have been hosted on several TV shows to talk about GCAP. They have
issued a press release on the planned mobilization. The groups will
prepare a list of demands to be presented to official groups and
institutions, a brochure on poverty in Lebanon, a localized white band
shirts to be used in a mobilization in July. The organizers have been
holding several TV interviews on national and regional TV stations.
Ms. Sabah Bader El Deen, Collective of NGOs in Lebanon,
Ms. Shaheenaz El Zein, Lebanese Center for Training of Unionists,

Jordan: Launch of National Coalition for the GCAP in Jordan
Upon a call from the Jordanian Women's Union (JWU), a national
coalition for
the GCAP was launched in Jordan and it includes unionists, civil
activists, representatives of political parties and parliamentarians as
as media personnel. The participants in the coalition agreed upon the
participation in mobilization for July 1st, which is going to take
place in
front of the United Nations headquarters in Jordan. The coalitions
for the implementation of the following activities with the framework
of the
GCAP in Jordan:

· Launch and expansion of the national coalition for the Global Call to
Action against Poverty in Jordan
· Writing to the government regarding the political and economic
impacts of
policies imposed by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund
the Jordanian society, combating corruption, importance of the pan-Arab
economic exchange and complementarities, reform of the labor law and
protection systems as well as the health insurance systems, the threats
privatizing education and health sectors, and the impact of
on the socio-economic projects in the country.
· Raising a petition to the G8 meeting regarding the debts of Jordan
· Organizing an awareness raising campaign for civil society
at the national level regarding the impacts of the current economic
on the standards of living in Jordan and the levels of unemployment and
poverty in the Jordanian society

Accordingly, participants in the coalition agreed on the importance of
moving fast for larger mobilization within the GCAP campaign in Jordan,
the wide use of the white band. They started planning visits to poverty
pockets and slums in the capital and other regions of Jordan. The
will be working actively with media groups in Jordan and posting
updates on
their activities on their websites. Contact point: Jordanian Women

Yemen: Following series of meetings, the GCAP Yemen's National
developed a comprehensive plan on supporting the 1st White Band day
1st 2005). The slogan of the campaign will be "Poverty is the Enemy of
Humanity". Due to the weekend in Yemen (Thursday and Friday), the
decided to organize the main activities on 29th June.

On 29th June at 10:00 am, a minimum of 500 persons (representing CSOs)
be gathering in the premises of the Yemeni Women Union (YWU). CSOs
representatives and some celebrities (yet to be decided) will talk to
At 12:00 noon, 5 representatives of the collation will meet the
of UK in Yemen and will deliver a letter asking for debt cancellation
increased aid to poor countries (the meeting was arranged with the
Ambassador). The letter will be complemented by one million signatures
Yemeni people from all over the country on support of the two demands.
team of Oxfam GB staff in Yemen will join the collation's
representatives in
the meeting with the Ambassador. Both activities (at YWU and UK
will be will be intensively covered by national and regional media.
letters with copies of signatures will be delivered to the Ambassadors
other G 8 countries in Yemen. White Bands with the national slogan will
posted on 5 sites in Sana'a (25th June - 5th July).

In view of the above, the following preparatory activities were
arranged and
on progress:

2500 personal White Bands (a white strip with black slogan in both
and English) prepared. The 5 WBs to be posted on sites are under
On 19th June, the collation organized a joint planning session with
media persons and a detailed media plan was developed. On 23rd June, a
conference was organized to enlighten the media on the GCAP and planned
activities in Yemen.
Starting 24th June, there will be comprehensive media coverage by 6
newspapers, the national radio and TV, two governorate radios and 3
TV channels.
So far, 300,000 signatures were collected from different parts of

Contact point: Mr. Ayman Omar, Oxfam GB in Yemen, AOmer@oxfam.org.uk
Al Shakaik Group, amal_basha@yahoo.com

Sudan: The national campaign for the GCAP has been launched by the
for Gender Research and Training in coordination with the Sudanese
Forum during the day of the African child in the presence of 32
representatives of various Sudanese NGOs, whereby GCAP brochures have
distributed. Contact point: Center for Gender Research and Training,
Neimat Koko, kniemat@hotmail.com

Palestine : A committee of 11 people representing several of NGOs
working in
different field in Palestine was established to follow the GCAP
The committee is setting its work plan for GCAP activities during July
September. Contact point: Mohsen Aburamadan, Tel 082828106, Fax
m_aburamadan@hotmail.com ; And Palestinian NGO Network PNGO,
bisanrd@palnet.com , pngonet@p-ol.com


Wrapping of European Parliament
>From 4th to 6th July, the building of the European Parliament in
France, will be wrapped with two White Bands. A 220m long White Band
will go
all the way around the Hemicycle, a second White Band, 50m long, will
displayed inside the building. Josep Borrell, president of the European
Parliament, will explain in the opening session on Monday, 4th July why
those White Bands are there, and what they imply for the European
Parliament. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will have the
possibility to sign the smaller White Band, but it will be made clear
them that signing it does have implications: They will be expected to
serious steps forward to making poverty history.

The wrapping of the European Parliament coincides with the beginning of
UK presidency of the European Council. A special focus will therefore
be put
on GCAP demands towards the UK presidency.

National GCAP platforms from the Czech Republic, France, Germany,
Spain and the UK will be represented in Strasbourg during the whole
parliamentary session and will inform the MEPs about GCAP. More
like press conferences, photo opportunities and probably a film
will also take place. For more information about the wrapping of the
European Parliament please contact Ian (ian@solidar.org).
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Re: What is the G8 and Two Actions You Can Take to Help Africa

Originally posted by Jamila
Here is the first of two actions that you can take to help Africa at the upcoming G8 meeting in Gleneagles Scotland from 6-8 July 2005.

It is a petition from Oxfam, coalition partner organization of The ONE Campaign:


Next action to follow.
That's very cool Jamila! I'm tempted to sign it though I have already signed through one.org.
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A great article about Live8 and the G8 from MTV.com:

If the terms "Live 8," "Live Aid" and "G8" are leaving you feeling confused, don't fret. Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know about the biggest concert-with-a-conscience for many years, and the world leaders it hopes to influence.

Live Aid, coordinated by former Boomtown Rats singer Bob Geldof, has been described as "the day rock and roll changed the world." On July 13, 1985, two marathon shows, held nearly simultaneously in London and Philadelphia, raised more than $200 million in funds for famine relief in Africa and featured U2, Queen, David Bowie, Madonna, Elton John and many others.

Last month, Geldof announced another landmark concert to raise awareness about extreme poverty in Africa (see "Live Aid Organizer Confirms Another 'Big Concert' Is Coming"). U2, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Destiny's Child, Elton John, the Killers, Pink Floyd, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and many others are among the artists confirmed for gigs slated in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Canada and Russia. (Two smaller shows will also take place in Johannesburg, South Africa, and another in England will feature African musicians — see "Good Charlotte, Bjork In For Live 8 Tokyo; Moscow Concert Added".)

The choice of countries staging the concerts is no accident. The G8 (a.k.a. Group of 8) is made up of eight of the wealthiest and most powerful nations in the industrialized world (Russia, added in 1997, rounds out the group, but is considered a "special member" and holds less influence within G8 than the others). Although these eight countries represent less than one-sixth of the world's population, they consume 70 percent of its resources.

The G8 leaders meet in an annual gathering called the G8 Summit to discuss the world's most pressing economic, social and political issues, such as HIV/AIDS, poverty reduction and climate change. The first summit took place in 1975 when the French president invited the leaders of the six most powerful nations, then called the G6, to an informal gathering to discuss then-current world issues. (Canada was added in 1976.)

This year's summit, spearheaded by British Prime Minister Tony Blair (the countries host the meeting on a rotating basis; the hosting nation determines the agenda for the year), will be held July 6-9 in Perthshire, Scotland. At the top of this year's agenda is the elimination of poverty in Africa and global warming (see "Bush, Blair Lead Up To G8 — And Live 8 — With Commitment To Aid Africa").

The G8 differs from other political meetings because of its informality; there are no formal rules of procedure, and the leaders usually meet in a relaxed setting away from the media to discuss the important issues in an arena largely free of bureaucracy. In fact, some critics say that the G8 has not gotten as much exposure to the public as is needed to instigate proper change.

"Most people don't know the G8 is happening, but this year we're going to make sure they do because this year's meeting is too important for us not to be fully aware of the things these eight guys are going to talk about," said Jamie Drummond, executive director of DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa), a nonprofit group founded by U2's Bono in 2002 to spread awareness about the crises faced in Africa. "When these eight men sit in that room and look each other in the eye, they must decide, 'What kind of man am I? Am I going to listen to the people?' It doesn't have to get fancy. They just need to decide to do it."

The cornerstone of the 2005 G8 Summit is threefold in its plan to eliminate poverty in Africa: doubling aid, 100 percent cancellation of the debt many African countries acquired during the Cold War, and trade reform that will allow developing countries equal access into the international market.

"These politicians are working for you, but they cannot do anything until the people ask for it," said Salih Booker of Action Africa, a nonprofit organization that responds to the challenges that families and children face in sub-Saharan Africa. "Live Aid had the catalytic effect of drawing public attention and making these issues a popular cause. It got governments to do something they had been refusing to do because they felt like [the people didn't care]. But the actions of these artists helped to change all that."

Every country that hosts a G8 Summit wants to be able to announce something new that will demonstrate their leadership and how that leadership has allowed these wealthy countries to make an important contribution to solving new problems, Booker said. The influence of pop-culture icons, like Coldplay's Chris Martin, Radiohead's Thom Yorke, and U2's Bono, has also brought awareness to global issues.

"Pop culture has a great effect on making this world a better place by getting us to understand certain issues and telling us things we've never heard before," said Laura Rusu of Oxfam International, the organization that heads up the Make Trade Fair campaign (which Chris Martin openly supports). "It drives people to find out more and make a difference."

This year's concerts are timed to coincide with the G8 Summit in hopes of influencing the gathered superpowers to make progress in the fight to lift Africa from poverty.

— Brandee J. Tecson

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I hope everyone did something today for International White Band Day!

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Originally posted by Jamila
I hope everyone did something today for International White Band Day!

I'm currently developing my website to showcase my published writing and editing work. However, I also want to do a page showcasing the One Campaign and organizations that aid third world countries. These could be organizations concerning AIDS, proverty, economic development, fair trade, education, etc. I hope this helps.
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Just for the record someone posted the link to the Oxfam petition on my depression listserver. I think they will get many signatures.
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I've been signing some petitions this morning, and sent out an e-mail to my family and friends to help out.

And my dad's decided that our family's gonna be making a donation, and when he returns to work on Tuesday (has a three-day weekend right now), he's going to mention this on the air and try and get listeners to help out, too. And considering how popular the station he works at is around here, and considering how many people in town enjoy listening to him, I think that would be a very smart move .

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Re: What is the G8 and Two Actions You Can Take to Help Africa

Originally posted by Jamila
Here is the first of two actions that you can take to help Africa at the upcoming G8 meeting in Gleneagles Scotland from 6-8 July 2005.

It is a petition from Oxfam, coalition partner organization of The ONE Campaign:


Next action to follow.
Just signed and sent an e-mail to friends to have them sign it.
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Very nice, everyone!

We must always remember that this movement isn't about us.

It's about the millions of Africans - men, women and especially CHILDREN - whose futures are being cut way too short by TOTALLY PREVENTABLE CAUSES, some of which the G8 countries themselves have created.

When 3,000 Africans die every day from the lack of a $3 mosquito net to keep themselves from catching malaria, you know something is wrong with the economic relationships between Africa and the rest of the world!

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tell you what they could do they could build a time machine go back in time and tell madonna, razorlight and especially mariah carey to stop acting like they give a shit and stop their shameless self publicity. at least bono and chris martin have been banging on for a while about makepvertyhistory etc
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nickypiemcg, the power to change the world is with us, not the celebrities.

The celebrities just bring access to the media for us to follow through and RELENTLESSLY CHANGE THE WORLD.

Thanks for your comments, though.
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I'm not against the idea at all. I'ma full supporter I just thought Mariah Carey was really patrionising.

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