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Originally posted by Scarletwine
Who owes more to big business and their owners. Certainly not the dems. How about you talk the talk and walk the walk and raise back to 2000 tax code breakdown.

Have you not read any stats abourt the rise in CEO wages vs workers. You seem to be one of those indiv that vote against your best interest.

This is why I quit posting in FYM. What I find interesting is that except for social issues the Rep. I disagreed with then, are now so quiet.
i dont vote with my wallet or about my wages, i vote with my beliefs about bigger issues for the country. like the war on terrorism among other things...how do u know what my best interests are?

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Every political controversy is watergate and every war is Vietnam, I am sick of the sentamentalists.

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We haven't had this good of a "blue vs. red" spat since the election.
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Originally posted by nbcrusader
We haven't had this good of a "blue vs. red" spat since the election.
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Re: Watergate cannot happen now!

Originally posted by deep

If Watergate Happened Now
With the GOP controlling Congress, there'd be no Watergate hearings.

By Jonathan Alter

June 13 issue - From a distance, Watergate seems like a partisan affair. But that's because we tend to look at it nowadays through red- and blue-tinted glasses. In truth, President Nixon was forced to resign in 1974 by Republicans in Congress like Barry Goldwater, who realized from the so-called smoking-gun tape that he was a crook. This was after the Supreme Court—led by a Nixon appointee—unanimously ruled against him in the tapes case.

But imagine if Nixon were president in this era. After he completed his successful second term, I'd have to write a retrospective column like this:
You know, I just got around to reading this, and while I see the writer's points, I disagree with his sentiment that Watergate would never happen today the way it did back then. He seems to think that because of "the rise of conservative media" that Woodward and Bernstein would never get as far with their investigative reporting today - I assume that to mean that there would be so much pressure on them as a result, that they or their bosses would break under it and have the story buried.

But the truth is, there was immense pressure on them back then as well, and while Republicans in Congress eventually did come around to go against the President, that certainly wasn't the case at the beginning. There were vicious attacks all around, yet Woodward and Bernstein (and the Post) stuck to their guns. If Watergate had occurred in the present, I believe things would have gone the same way.

Just thought I'd post a reply to what this thread was actually about.

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