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Originally posted by sharky
That's because all the terrorists are in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, we diverted most of our troops to Iraq so instead of trying to find Osama bin Laden, we've been chasing after phanton "weapons of mass destruction related development programs".

And what have these terrorists that we've caught done for us? All the administration does is parade them out to boost their poll numbers. The MOST DISGUSTING act of this was done right after the Democratic Convention. In order to divert interest away from John Kerry, Condoleeza Rice outed an al Qaeda informant that was working on the inside getting us information.

Why do we have to depend on Pakistan to find a man who killed 3000 people on American soil? We should be finding that murderer and bringing him to justice instead of getting bogged down in Iraq. I have spent the past three years walking by the Trade Center site knowing that those that I watched die that day have still not had justice served in their name. Osama bin Laden killed people on our turf -- we should have caught him and been done with it instead of trying to find an excuse to invade Iraq and now having to warfronts with no exit strategy or end in sight.
Most of the troops in Iraq would not be sent to Afghanistan in the first place. Most of the troops in Iraq are apart of heavy armor divisions that would not be used in the mountains of Afghanistan to hunt for Bin Ladin, so that is a moot point about troops being diverted to Iraq which is simply false.

It is a fact that Saddam failed to account for 1,000 Liters of Anthrax, hundreds of pounds of Mustard Gas, hundreds of pounds of Sarin Gas, over 20,000 Bio/Chem capable shells just to name a few things. Saddam was in violation of 17 UN resolutions and the Gulf War Ceacefire agreement. Saddam had invaded and attacked four different countries and in the process threatened the planets energy supply with sabotage and siezure. Did Al Quada ever do that? Has Al Quada killed 1.7 million people like Saddam has? Not to make light of the huge threat from Al Quada, but Saddam was an enormous threat that the world had to deal with.

The United States has 7 times as many troops in Afghanistan as it had when it overthrew the Taliban back in 2001, so this idea that the hunt for Bin Ladin has been neglected is simply a false one.

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Originally posted by AcrobatMan

Good post SHARKY

Sting2, perhaps you need to research more.

doesnt it prove the 99% of all al-qaeda members are there or Afghanistan. if they are being caught, it is not of its will..its because it HAS to because of pressure of USA. I welcome arrest of Al-qaeda members...but if 2 are being CAUGHT, 98 others are not only shielded but also trained. there was a report that foreign terrorist in north west pakistan will not be caught if they just register themselves somewhere. this was in BBC news

There are not 100 or 200 terrorists..they are in thousands..

1) do u know where did Hambali and his brothers get indoctrinated?

2) do you know who created and supported Taliban ?

3) where did Rassam undergo training ?

4) where did Aimal Kasi come from. ?

5) do you know about dawood Ibrahim and which government is not only providing safe haven but also helping him financially ?

6) there was a news of leak of nuke secrets..did you read that news.. ?

7) do you know about the terrorist camps in pak occupied kashmir ?

8) do you know anything about Masood Azhar ?

9) do you know how the present president got himself elected (??). you talk about democracy... Saddam was more democratic..remember he got 100% votes in election in Iraq..why he was the only candidate and he got 100% is another story

Unfortunately US is happy with the 1% it gets...and busy in Iraq..where there might be another 0.5% .
I am aware of the problems in Pakistan, but I think that the success's that the alliance with Pakistan has produced far outweigh's these problems. While there may be many radical elements within the Pakistan miltary and government, most Pakistani's are more interested in the situation with India and have no desire to commit or help spread terrorism worldwide. It is in Pakistan's interest to work with the United States because of the situation with India. Most Pakistani's realize this and are not interested in joining or supporting Al Quada.

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Well i'm affraid they play around with the USA because they don't want to be punished for their WMDs, for selling their WMDs and they also don't want to f***k up with radical Islamists in their country.
So they simply try to satisfy both sided

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