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Originally posted by yolland

Why are you assuming it's a parent who complained?
You're right, it didn't say that. But what difference does it make? My point really doesn't turn on the identity of who said it, but on the fact that somebody has the liberty to spend their time on such nonsense.

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Originally posted by gluey

Actually, do you see this so called 'crossdressing' as being the same as a child dressing up as Spiderman/Batman/Superman and thinking because they're an 'impressionable' child that they're automatically going to think they can fly/climb buildings? Because really, that's just the same. By dressing up as a superhero or opposite sex does not mean that a 'switch' is going to go off in a childs head and they suddenly think they are literally that character. It's a great little thing called 'role-play'. Like when kids play Mums & Dads etc.....If you've got two girls playing 'families' they don't play Mums & Mums do they? (and frankly I don't have a problem if they do!) I can only imagine what you'd think of that!!!
well said gluey

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What about countries that have Carnival? Italy, Brazil, in fact many of the "latin" countries, and if you want to think of it like that, the "Catholic" countries. They're all pagan rituals which involved the poor pretending to be the rich, the servant pretending to be the lord etc etc etc which are now Christian, pre-Lent rituals. Lots of cross dressing there!!!! And us wogs don't seem to have a problem with it!
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Re: Wacky Week Is Corrupting Kids

Originally posted by MrsSpringsteen
"There are parents, taxpayers who do not appreciate the imposition of a particular lifestyle being portrayed as a normal lifestyle for the kids."
I like this line. A lot.
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Originally posted by MadelynIris
I'm more disgusted with encouraging them to dress up like old people.
See, I don't even have a problem with that..... It doesn't mean I'm disrespectful, I can just see the fun side of it through a childs eyes. Probably having kids aged 5, 6 & 8 helps me out there. But honestly they would have a ball dressing up as a senior citizen, in plain old clothes, walking sticks, powder in their hair to make it white etc etc. I'm sure that many grandparents out there would be more delighted than upset if their grandchild came up to them and asked to borrow clothes and accessories etc to dress up and pretend to be them.....
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^ I had a similar mental image, only involving walkers rather than canes (and I have three school-age kids too) and it was that aspect specifically that bothered me...it just sounds maybe a little too close for comfort to 'Dress Up Like A Handicapped Person Day', and that I would definitely find objectionable. I don't know, I've seen isolated individual kids dressed up as 'old people' for Halloween and wasn't bothered by it, so maybe it wouldn't make sense to have a problem with this. And you're probably right that some grandparents would get a kick out of it...

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