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To be honest...I've never had a problem with the death penalty until someone told me that the cost of a capital crime trial is more than putting someone in prison for life.

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Deathpenalty is hate-driven revenge and puts the supporters on a morale level close to the murders

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I cannot agree with this.
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Originally posted by martha

Then what about the person that injects the poison?
They are one, but they are not the same.
Like many things, comparisons to other aspects or variants can be interesting, but this is like having an argument (for example) about traffic hazards and the difference between motorbikes and cars. Both are vehicles, both are used for transport, both use our roads and can be a danger. But they are not alike.
This is why I was hoping this wouldn't turn into a death penalty debate.
Both methods here have the same end result. But they are different techniques of the same thing - legally ending a life.

It might sound hypocritical, but this method is one I'm not really comfortable about. The death penalty in itself, I'm not sure I have a concrete opinion on. It seems as soon as I think I've decided one way or another, I am swayed by something else. Regardless, with this article and specifically back to back executions by a firing squad, I am doing some wondering.

You have got me wanting to ask a question on methods of execution. If you see the needle as ok as a firing squad, does that mean you dont differentiate between any method? Hanging, beheading, being stoned to death, drowning in a vat of burning oil is all equal? I dont see them as all equal. A squad of men could all go at these prisoners with knives, the one who delivers the cut that finally ends the life may not actually know. Is that ok too?
This line of thinking I think goes for either side. Both for and against capital punishment. You may be against it, or for it, but surely there is a difference in view on methods? They aren't all equal. The end is the same, just like a motorbike and car are both transport, but they are not equal.
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I see your point, too. I do think that there are "preferable" ways to execute a person; some are quicker and cause less pain.

But I don't support the death penalty for any reason at all.

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