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Old 03-30-2003, 03:20 PM   #16
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Originally posted by Rono
I only can repeat, not with Europe money. You bomb, you pay. I think the Iraq people will pay for their freedom anyway, Cheap oil for Amerika because the cost of the war must be paid by someone. Probebly the Iraq people will hear the next 60 years, we freed you, you should be greatfull and do what we want.

Are the Iraq people only good for cheap labour ?

I can only ask you to go back and read my original post. I said nothing about cheap labor from Iraqi's. If Saddam is gone, then the citizens can start reaping the benifits of their rich oil supply because Saddam won't be hording it all.

and - You don't bomb, you don't get paid.

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Re: US business interests & Iraq.

Originally posted by FizzingWhizzbees
This is an article from today's Guardian (UK newspaper). Comments, anyone?
It's not a surprise for anybody. British ve never been naive to expect something from the US in exchange for their unswerving loyalty. They know their only "profit" will be casualties among their servicemen...

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Old 03-31-2003, 11:25 AM   #18
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Originally posted by womanfish
Yeah, it's a shame that business contracts would go to the U.S. I mean, the French (and many other countries) put no money or effort or aid to get Saddam out, but once the U.S. spends over 1 trillion (yes trillion) dollars to get this job done, they all want to step in and share the rewards.

to me, it only seems fair that contracts should go to the countries that were part of the coalition in the first place. the U.S. also continues to state that they are there to liberate not occupy, so while they may control the port in Um Qasr for a while for transition purposes, I suspect that this would then be transitioned to Iraqi workers.
I saw some Iraqi workers from Um Qasr on the news last night. They want those jobs! Give them their jobs! It's just not right for people in Washington or anywhere else to be lining their pockets with money that should be invested in the Iraqi people. It's their country.
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Verte - if you notice what you were watching, it was that the Iraqi people WERE going back to their jobs at the port in Um Qasr. They showed them getting pictures taken for their work ID's and many were saying they were nervous about the picture because then Saddam could identify them and have them killed for working with the Coalition.
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Could it be that the "free iraq" project has the nice "side effect" that Companies who supported G.W.Bushs election campaign profit from it?


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