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UK ambassador in Rome: "Bush is al-Qaeda's best recruiting sergeant."

BBC News

A leading daily newspaper has quoted Sir Ivor Roberts as calling Mr Bush "al-Qaeda's best recruiting sergeant."

Sir Ivor reportedly made the comment at a yearly meeting of British and Italian political and business leaders on Sunday.

Remarks at the conference are usually considered off the record.

"If anyone's ready to celebrate the eventual re-election of Bush, it is none other than al-Qaeda," Sir Ivor was quoted as saying by the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

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Well I doubt Bush is going to back down from this any time soon - and with a re-election, I guess we can all look forward to it really coming to a head.

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We can end it all by killing all the Jews and then surrendering ourselves and our evil decadent secular capitalist societies to Islam fully - simple really . There would be no more need for war because there would be the wonderful peace of slavery. They will not stop coming, Democrat or Republican in office. It doesn't matter if you are Capitalist, Socialist or Communist it makes no difference - you can not change these zealots view that we are all animals deserving of death, it is unfortunate that some refuse to reciognize this and still think that a peaceful negotiation to adress Al Qaeda's "root-causes" is a viable solution.

I am getting oh so fucking sick of people "knowing" what political party Islamists would like to see win, it really makes no difference to them. I dont care if it is Cheney saying that there will be an attack if the Democrats win or this guy saying Bush is the recruiting sergeant - it is the lowest common denominator that provides no analysis of for the position.
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Didn't Dennis Hastert say Al-Qaeda wants Kerry as President ?

I'm so confused
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New Yorker
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I think if you want Al-Qaeda to make "peace" or the end of Muslim terrorism against the US, then all Jews in Israel either have to be killed or moved out of the Middle East. Also every businsess interest of the US and every American has to leave. Lets all get multilateral and get this done for the terrorists...
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That is phase one. But one must realize that the long term goal is to make the entire world subject of a global caliphate - unless you are a Muslim who follows the same doctrine of the Islamists then you must be killed. These are people who are still use the crusades as a justification to fight, they will not yield until their goal is achieved, even if it takes 1000 years.
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I doubt career paths as terrorists are dictated by the US elections.

Wanderer is right. This is part of a growing, long term movement. It is not subject to negotiations.
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Originally posted by A_Wanderer
I am getting oh so fucking sick of people "knowing" what political party Islamists would like to see win, it really makes no difference to them.
of course it makes a difference to them
they have spend 4 years stating america is evil and bush is the devil

now they will have to state this new guy is the devil

it doesn't have to do with bush personally but of course it would suite them better if he would win
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I bet Osama would be sitting in a cave somewhere saying "Shit, now what the hell am I going to do with 15,000 of these "Bush is a Zionist Puppet" T-Shirts" now Kerry is POTUS.
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Interesting, I remember reading about the Madrid bombings in a recent issue of the New Yorker and there was a letter sent to an Islamic newspaper in the UK after the bombings that said the terrorists want Bush to win because he's dumb and they can get away with stuff under him.

But I don't think it's right to say "Well, I'm voting this way or that because the terrorists want so and so to win." Kerry supporters shouldn't say it and neither should Bush supporters. My above example is to prove that really they don't care as long as they can keep doing what they are doing to our world.

As for Hastert, he should be ashamed to say that. Frankly, the guy is off his rocker with the whole thing about Soros making money from drugs even though Hastert has no proof of that. I think Hastert is reallly going negative, sliming anyone in his way for his own personal gain. It's horrible.
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Dennis Hastert has been a longtime reactionary conservative politician (I used to live near Chicago), so he would say ANYTHING to attempt to make a convoluted partisan political point.

We have to take what these politicians are saying with a grain of salt.The important question to ask ourselves is simply this:


I know I'm not - so I'm supporting regime change.

It's not that complicated, MrsSpringsteen - don't let the b#stards grind you down !

I bet you already know the truth in your heart.

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