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Originally posted by nathan1977

Then why not have them rope climbing in gym class?
Because obviously that isn't working if child obesity rates keep rising.

Really? Tell me how the mainstreaming of and promotion of adult sexual activities to children solves more problems than it creates.
First of all, please explain to me where you pulled "mainstreaming of and promotion of adult sexual activities" from - nowhere in the article does it say this. Particularly "promotion"...nobody is trying to teach kids how to strip, so you can come off your high horse and stop acting like they're all trying to corrupt the children and destroy society.

It solves more problems than it creates because it just might encourage kids to get active (and no, not sexually). If you want to pay the taxes to cover the medical treatments of a bunch of obese kids for the sake of your moral outrage, that's your prerogative, as long as it's not in my country.

As far as problems it would create, I see none whatsoever. This is not going to inspire 12 year-olds to want to become strippers when they grow up. Of course there will be kids in the classes that will emulate actual stripper moves on the pole - when I was that age, it would have been done entirely as a joke, and what's more is that - NEWS FLASH - kids emulate the behavior they see! Keep your kids from watching strippers (as you should be doing anyways) and you shouldnt' have a problem any bigger than the class clown humping the pole the first day of class to try to get a few laughs.

What problems exactly are you suggesting this will directly cause? 12 year-olds already know about sex and at that age they should be able to cope with something like this. If not, then you've done a shitty job as a parent. Period.

Fire fighters slide down poles on a daily basis, and nobody accuses them of wanting to be strippers or "promotion of adult sexual activities".

Like I said before, an act is only sexualized if you make it so. Push-ups involve humping the floor, but nobody in their right mind would suggest doing push-ups is teaching our kids how to do it missionary-style.

You're projecting sexuality on this activity by implying that it is by default an emulation of stripping, when at its root it is no more than a teenager sliding up and down a piece of metal and getting some exercise.

While I am not a parent, I will say I feel I have a perspective on this issue first hand, having worked as a teacher's assistant in Grade 7 and 8 classes (12 to 14 year-olds) and having seen what kids respond to in the classroom I think this will do nothing but create long-term benefit for society as a whole.

Overall, I would rather have a few extra strippers hanging around than have an obesity epidemic on our hands because we're too scared that a precious teenaged mind might learn about sex.

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Originally posted by nathan1977
This has to take the cake for stupidest post I've seen in quite some time
No need to be rude about it.

yolland [at]

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Thats right people association pole dancing with something seedy and dirty, this form of dancing can quite easily be classed as an olympic sport and its a great way of loosing weight.

Everything kids do these days can be classed as seedy when viewed in the eye's of adults.
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I read things like this and more and more I think I don't want kids!
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Originally posted by Dulce de Leche
I read things like this and more and more I think I don't want kids!


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