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Originally posted by Angela Harlem
Couldn't possibly be baby boomers who grew up in more repressed times where even mentioning sex was taboo, who later in life find themselves living in more liberal times, with promiscuity being more a norm than ever before who're actually naive about safe sex? We're the learned generation. Not our parents. I use 'we' and 'parents' loosely here as no blanket description obviously can apply, but in terms of generation, there are differences. But of course we blame teenagers. Easy targets.

i would agree with this. in the gay world, where age differences between sex partners, and even couples, is probably more common than in the straight world (not at all uncommon to see a 28 year old with a 42 year old), the younger people are often corresponds with being more conservative when it comes to having sex, and the more interested they are in replicating the traditional "norms" of heterosexual relationships -- i.e., houses, cars, kids, mortgage payments.

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africa would probably have higher STD rates than the US if people didn't die because of STD's over there

so education probably does help

it will probably be better in the US in a couple of decades after people growing up with some misguided christian view on birthcontrol aren't the majority anymore

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I think education is definately a part of the problem, both for teenagers and adults. Sure they get the use a condom if you're going to have sex lesson a lot, but there are many other ways that STDs can be spread other than through intercourse and A LOT of people don't know this. Examples: You can get herpes and genital warts from oral sex or even AIDs if you have an open wound in the mouth, waaaay to many people view oral sex as a form of safe sex where condoms aren't necessary when they are. I also think a lot of kids don't know that you can get genital warts even if you do use a condom or from touching an infected person's genitals and then your own. I was NEVER taught any of this in sex ed in school and I come from an age group and place where we WEREN'T given abstinance only education.
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Originally posted by nbcrusader
Because there is little that discourages individuals from being sexually active at a young age.
My thoughts exactly. What do you expect from a country that is a so sexually active? (I don't mean to be offensive rather I want to be objective).

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