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"When I hear how US citizens, many of them in the Peace movement or hippies treated US soldiers coming home from the war, it angers me. The way many US soldiers were treated when they came home is shameful."

I agree 100%, most were drafted to start with. That didn't happen where I lived mainly because it was a predominately military community. By the way, this wasn't about Iraq.

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Originally posted by STING2
My father spent a full year in Vietnam during the heaviest fighting. 1968. He was there for the Tet Offensive. He came back and married mom and continued his military career. He did not expect to be lectured by some people who were friends who never went to Vietnam about how terrible the war was and that the US military was criminal. He did not expect that when going into public areas or through an airport, he had to wear civilian clothes rather than his uniform for because of the possibility of various types of harrassment. When I hear how US citizens, many of them in the Peace movement or hippies treated US soldiers coming home from the war, it angers me.
Thats an interesting post. It helps me to understand some views.

I am not a Hippie - but as a person who partly sympathizes with this movement (because in my eyes it helped to raise consciousness in America and therefore contributed to the late return of the troops) - and generally as a peace loving person, I may say sorry, even if I wasnīt born then and even if I would never harass a soldier.

I donīt know if your father has ever heard sorry from someone who is what you may describe as a typical anti-war person. So, if he hasnīt, tell him.

I am believing in love and in peace, and I know what respect means.

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In reference to Iraq, I was only responding to your post that sort of brought it up.

"By the way we've killed approximately half as many civilians as died on 9/11 and wounded twice as many. I must be stupid, but I have a hard time saying that is ok, we're liberating them."

Thats cool HIPHOP, thanks.
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I've seen more "conflict" and war that I ever imagined I would. When I graduated in 1972, all hell was breaking loose. My cousin came home to angry people who blamed him for the war. He didn't die in the war, per say, but his soul died after he returned. Then he died in a boating accident. He felt that he had been led into a conflict with no outcome that would make any difference. He gave up. Then he just drifted, and died. That was a horrible war, decision's by our so called leaders to even get involved in the early stages of the conflict, just don't compare to what's happening now. I'm watching and I'm very wary of the decisions being made now, but also realise it's different. Vietnam was wrong, killing is wrong, but it's still isn't my decision, alone.. But Saddam was so totally wrong. Read something else that is wrong, also:

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