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They won't say no

From this morning's St Petersburg Times newspaper an interesting article about Florida's wetlands.....just a few quotes:

"For 15 years, whenever a president needed an applause line for his environmental policies, he pledged to protect wetlands.

George Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush all promised that the government would not allow developers to wipe out wetlands without replacing them, a policy called "no net loss".

"It's time to stand the history of wetlands destruction on its head." the first President Bush declared in a 1989 speech on the policy.

Yet since the policy took effect in 1990, at least 84,000 acres of Florida wetlands have disappeared, the St Petersburg Times has found."

While the government says destroyed wetlands were replaced, the claims are based on creative accounting and questionable science. The result: a program that creates the illusion of environmental protection while doing little to stem the destruction.

"It's a huge scam," said Steve Brooker, who has spent 15 years reviewing wetlands destruction permits for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Florida."


"The corps approves more permits to destroy wetlands in Florida than any other state, and allows a higher percentage of destruction in Florida than nationally. Between 1999 and 2003, it approved more than 12,000 wetland permits and rejected one."


Reminds me of the song "Seminole Wind" by John Anderson.
I live in what used to be a nice small waterfront community and I am totally disgusted this past year........they have taken all the tomato fields, mangroves, whatever inch of open land and are now building condos, townhouses, ultra expensive housing. In some areas around Tampa they have turned apts into condos and mobile homes into expensive waterfront land. And yet they complain about a water shortage??

I don't know what will ever happen if there is a hurricane here in Tampa......I fear it greatly......
Progess....for some yes......for some no.

Know this does not affect many posters here but you are free to express your other environmental issues if you'd like.


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This isn't good for those wetlands, and I really think they should have been more careful about taking care of those wetlands. I remember when I was a kid one time we took a trip through the Everglades. That was so interesting. It's a shame that this stuff is being destroyed.

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President Bush seems determined to destroy everything.
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