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I'm a card-carrying pessimist.

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Originally posted by Macfistowannabe
Well, to stay off-topic, I don't wish the price of oil gets any higher, no matter who is in power.
The price of oil is determined by the commodities market anyway, so wishing "ill-will" is the equivalent to superstition. Oil will rise and fall based solely on irrational speculative exuberance anyway.


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Sorry guys. I was extremely bitter when I wrote that "price of oil" bit. I knew I'd get picked on for it and I deserve it. I was being sarcastic. I should mention that I am a card-carrying spokesperson for the fellow "poor people" on here. So poor, in fact, I don't have a car or a computer (I use my grad student ID to hop city buses for free, and the university library down the street where I am posting this from), my income barely covers my rent and bills, 4 months ago I just got decent health insurance back after a long time without it, and I won't tell you the elation I felt at actually being able to walk into a dentist's office after how long I hadn't seen one, due to said lack of insurance. The dentist was not happy, I can tell you that. I did not buy any tickets for this tour myself with my own money, I was too broke to, I spent a year saving up for the tour but lost the funds due to helping the family out with an illness. I gave my Propaganda ID to a friend who got me tix. As a result of all this, I almost got kicked out of my apartment last month, and my phone is currently shut off.

So believe me, I sympathize with all those who are suffering b/c of high fuel prices. I suppose I must own and use a car though to REALLY feel the pain.

forgive me
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Hey guys, kinda new at posting in here, although I've followed a few topics in here as a lurker...

This kind of reminds me of the blood donation system in Canada - a couple of the questions they ask you are used to weed out homosexuals - one of the questions is 'If you are a man, have you slept with another man at any time since 1976?' and for us ladies it's 'have you slept with a man who has had sex with a man at any time since 1976?'. Of course, they also ask if you have slept with anybody whose sexual past you don't know, but those 2 questions are just a little too blatant.

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