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Originally posted by STING2

"But never have we had a president and rarely seen a time like this where there's a huge push from within the government to destroy the separation of Church and State."

The President is not destroying the seperation of Church and State rather he is insuring that people of a wide number of faiths do not have their religious freedoms trampled, and that there is a clear difference between what is religion and simply national tradition or culture.

Bush is pushing for faith based funding that will exempt faith-based drug treatment programs from all state health and safety regulations, which have to be followed by their secular counterparts. Counselors in religious treatment programs will not have to take criminal background checks and hundreds of hours of training required of their state-licensed peers. Faith-based groups that provide child care or operate homes for troubled youths can get out of state inspections and choose to be regulated by a Christian child care agency approved by the state. They will be able to discriminate when hiring.

If you have Christ, you don't need training or regulation. Is this what we want?

This is separation of Church and State? This is a very dangerous and slipery slope.

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Gee cause sayin gyour a Christian mean syou can't possibly be a criminal or a pervert. Gee isn't there a huge problem with that ins some churches right now I can't seem to remember...

Personally I think faith based initaitives have a lot to offer but not having background checks and regulations is just stupid. At the same time I hope he's not cutting money to secular institutions. Faith based stuff can't help every body and to have it be the exclusively funded system would be discriminatory. Given how poor US social services are (relatively to say Canada or Sweden for instance) a general increase in funds would be welcome not scavenging one to feed the other.

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