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Why choose a link like that to introduce the topic? Ugh. I would describe myself as a religious progressive, but the self-congratulatory groupthink embodied by some of those slogans makes me want to puke.

I support the existence of an organized religious left, so long as its focus is on encouraging people of faith to take their observance of teachings overlooked by the religious right--putting the the poor first, protection of the socially vulnerable--to the level of policy advocacy, often the only level from which meaningful action can be pursued.

What I would not support is the self-equation of the religious left with religious Democrats--that would only lead to the pathetic spectacle of my-God-is-better-than-your-God as political "discourse." As Jim Wallis himself has said, God is neither Republican nor Democrat, and God's teachings cannot be contained by a party platform.

If the message really comes from God, then it ought to be taken to all people of faith in a spirit of humility and respect (I'm thinking of Bono meeting with Jesse Helms here), not monopolized for partisan purposes. That God-is-on-our-side-not-yours attitude is precisely what makes the religious right so polarizing--I would hate to see the religious left make the same mistake.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Religious Left

Originally posted by melon

Sure. The Religious Right, by definition, seems to measure one's Christianity on the basis of being anti-gay and anti-abortion, whereas everything else doesn't matter. I mean, do the Christian Coalition voter guides really care about anything besides those two issues? No.

The Religious Left puts more emphasis on "Love one another" and the philosophical meaning of that. And since the meaning of that philosophy is open to interpretation, that's probably why they get mislabeled as "wishy-washy." The emphasis is more on personal conscience, rather than trying to enforce a specific viewpoint upon everyone.

True libertarians probably don't qualify as part of the Religious Right, because the RR insists on legislating all of their religious beliefs as if no other religion is worthy of belief or existence. "Religious freedom" only enters their vocabulary when dealing with foreign countries where the RR is a minority.

Anyway, that's my rather bitter interpretation of the state of religion these days, so forgive me if I'm too acidic here. Self-identified members of the Religious Right that disagree with the Christian Taliban element of American politics today are more than welcome to comment on what the "Religious Right" means to them.

Are we talking about politics or religion? I kind of expect the usual political stereotypes in FYM.

We never really look at the religious aspects of left & right.

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