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Old 09-07-2006, 08:22 PM   #31
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Originally posted by 80sU2isBest

Oh come on, admit it now. You do to. I saw on your car, next to your "Honk If You Love Reagan" bumper sticker, a "My Boss Is A Republican President" bumper sticker.
I'm undercover...

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Do you remember the skit on SNL years ago when the gamely befuddled Ronald Reagan, as soon as the cameras were off and the media gone, turned into a razor-sharp man of action? This movie's premise seems much the same to me. I've heard the Scholastic has now backed away from the film, and that ABC will do some editing.

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A review

By Matthew Gilbert, Boston Globe Staff | September 8, 2006

With all the ado about ABC's new docudrama ``The Path to 9/11," one point has gotten lost. While Clinton administration alums such as Madeleine Albright protest its perceived inaccuracies, and conservatives defend its bias, and many curious viewers plan to tune in to see for themselves, it's still not a very good piece of dramatic storytelling.

Like ``The Reagans," which CBS dropped amid political pressure in 2003, it offers the occasion for a political wing-ding but not for a very satisfying viewing experience. It's a few decently crafted terrorism set pieces -- the manhunt for 1993 World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef , a near capture of Osama bin Laden -- loosely strung together into the semblance of an epic.

The five-hour miniseries was probably doomed to fail creatively, not for lack of ambition but for having too much ambition. The story in ``The Path to 9/11," which premieres Sunday and Monday at 8 p.m. on Channel 5, is just too massive and unwieldy to fit neatly into two sittings. Writer Cyrus Nowrasteh tries to encapsulate the 9/11 Commission's report on the terror attacks (with the added help of two books and interviews), and he winds up with a globe-jumping mass o' plots. ``The Path to 9/11" never quite arrives at narrative coherence and depth.

Dramatizing the roots of 9/11 in a two-parter is like trying to fit the origin and politics of the entire AIDS crisis into one movie. Oh wait, that was ``And the Band Played On," and it failed, too. ``The Path to 9/11" would have fared better as an eight-or-so episode miniseries like HBO's ``Band of Brothers," so it could devote more focus to each of its many fragments. With the kind of time that series TV offers but movies don't, director David L. Cunningham could have made each of the pieces of his puzzle richer and more engaging.

The miniseries operates thusly: The 1993 bombing leads to a van which leads to a mosque which leads to an informant who leads to a cell which leads to Yousef who leads to Pakistan and the attempted assassination of Benazir Bhutto which leads to the Philippines and so on and so forth for five hours. (ABC is airing the series without commercials). Journalist John Miller's 1998 interview with Osama bin Laden, for instance, or the CIA's efforts to capture bin Laden with General Massoud of the Northern Alliance, could have been movies in themselves. But here they are diminished within a crowded canvas.

The vague through-line in ``The Path to 9/11" is FBI agent John O'Neill (Harvey Keitel), who was ultimately killed in the towers months after he retired from the Bureau. O'Neill is the hero of the miniseries, fighting not only terrorism but his own government's inability to properly fight terrorism. ``No one's taking terrorism seriously," he complains. O'Neill's intermittent appearances represent Cunningham and Nowrasteh's effort to turn the tragedy into a more traditional story with a central character, but the half-hearted effort doesn't succeed in tightening the movie's structure.

Most of the controversy surrounding ``The Path to 9/11" is about the way it portrays counterterrorism workers like O'Neill losing ground thanks to governmental bureaucracy and intelligence errors. In a letter to Robert Iger of Disney, which owns ABC, former Secretary of State Albright objected specifically to a scene in which she is shown refusing to support a strike against bin Laden without alerting the Pakistani government. In another letter to Iger, former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger complained about a sequence that shows him similarly impeding the chase.

Due to many other complaints, along with a letter-writing campaign, ABC has said it is still editing the miniseries, which means some of the more blatant finger-pointing in reviewers' copies may not appear in the final product.

One egregious moment that is likely to remain, however, features Patricia Heaton hamming it up as Barbara Bodine , the US ambassador to Yemen. After the terrorist bombing of the USS Cole, Heaton's Bodine refuses to help O'Neill and his FBI crew in a scene that is painfully over-the-top.

``Mr. O'Neill, you are the epitome of the ugly American," she says. Suddenly the movie changes awkwardly from suspense thriller to psychodrama/Emmy grab. As Condoleezza Rice , Penny Johnson Jerald also strikes a wrong note, looking almost campy with a black mark pasted onto her teeth. Jerald, best known as President Palmer's diabolical wife on ``24," is arch here, as well. Otherwise, the large ensemble cast of ``The Path to 9/11" is good enough, and in the case of Nabil Elouhabi , who plays Yousef, chilling. Perhaps Elouhabi in ``The Ramzi Yousef Story" is in order?

Indeed, ``The Path to 9/11" could have great value as an outline for better stories to come.
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The Path to 9/11" is looking a lot like "The Reagans, Part II."

Bill Clinton loyalists are demanding wholesale changes to the upcoming miniseries -- and while ABC is making some snips, the alterations, insiders say, may not please the Dems.

But a bombshell decision may happen anyway: Sources close to the project say the network, which has been in a media maelstrom over the pic, is mulling the idea of yanking the mini altogether.
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You'd think the networks would learn by now...
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On Disney's decision to refuse permission for its subsidiary Miramax Films to distribute the film "Fahrenheit 9-11":

"We just didn't want to be in the middle of a politically-oriented film during an election year."

Michael Eisner
CEO - The Walt Disney Company
May 5th 2004 on ABC "World News Tonight"
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ABC should just send it over to the
Fox Family and Ammo Channel
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From the Variety article MrsS quoted...

"Criticism of "The Path to 9/11" carries strong echoes of the barbs hurled at CBS over "The Reagans." Reagan partisans railed against scenes showing Nancy Reagan consulting an astrologist and Reagan condemning AIDS victims.

Conservative drumbeat against "The Reagans" started months before the mini was slated to air and intensified after a copy of the script was leaked. Eye ultimately decided to sell the project to sister company Showtime -- a move that, ironically, prompted howls of protest from liberal groups who accused CBS of censorship."
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Originally posted by nathan1977
-- a move that, ironically, prompted howls of protest from liberal groups who accused CBS of censorship."

oh, i agree. let them put on whatever they want. and let people yell and scream however much they want.

the difference is: i think Reagan ignored AIDS, but i don't think the Clinton was as ignorant of the Islamist threat as this movie would have us think.

so i've made up my own mind. a pity that neither the networks, nor the politicians, realize that most people probably have as well.
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There is a difference between ignorance and inactivity.
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not gonna watch this piece of

instead, look for the Discovery Channel's hours of 9/11 shows, which I viewed a couple of weeks ago. Went back in time to the years proceeding 9/11, and the actual morning of 9/11, minute by minute, and then post 9/11. Quite fascinating...
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I didn't watch it either, I chose to watch the CBS documentary instead
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I watched the season finale of HGTV's "Design Star". Much more factual and entertaining.
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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The percentage of Americans who blame the Bush administration for the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington has risen from almost a third to almost half over the past four years, a CNN poll released Monday found.

Asked whether they blame the Bush administration for the attacks, 45 percent said either a "great deal" or a "moderate amount," up from 32 percent in a June 2002 CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll.

But the Clinton administration did not get off lightly either. The latest poll, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for CNN, found that 41 percent of respondents blamed his administration a "great deal" or a "moderate amount" for the attacks.

That's only slightly less than the 45 percent who blamed his administration in a poll carried out less than a week after the attacks.

Still, most Americans appear to be fatalistic, with more than half -- 57 percent -- saying they think that terrorists will "always find a way to launch attacks no matter what the U.S. government does."

The poll was carried out August 30 through September 2 by Opinion Research Corp. with 1,004 American adults questioned by telephone. The sampling error for the questions was 3 percentage points.
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I watched it, even though it was difficult due to the tight camera shots and it's claustrophobic feel. Also it was shot very dark or maybe my tv's messed up!
The fact is Clinton was in office when many of the attacks aimed at US interests took place and Bush was in office afterwards when more on the same continued. All of this culminated with the attack that finally got the most public attention: the attack on the WTC on September 11th, 2001.
I urge everyone to watch it, boring as it may be, due to it's straightforwardness. This may be a hard feat living in an age where we get our 'entertainment' from political bickering/righteousness on all sides.

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