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Originally posted by diamond
this reminds me alot of a very small transparently oppurtuisic and over-reactionary crowd here at www.interference.com.:)

thank u

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Well, the main arch-villains are a giant fiery eye and a faceless raceless ring. And a person called the White Wizard.

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Do those KKK people know the book was written by a Catholic?

dream wanderer
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The fellowship is made up of hobbits, men, dwarf, wizard, elf...but how come they're all white? I don't think Lord of the Rings sets out to be racist, after all, Saruman is white too. It just doesn't really include any, ummm, beings with human characteristics, that aren't white. Orcs etc, aren't white, but aren't any other colour either...theyre just orcs. I think the only mention of anyone coloured is of the Easterlings, or something, who are working for Sauron...
I think the books and movies are great, but this did use to kinda bother me a bit. Not because I thought Tolkien was racist, but because it just seemed to be a really kinda narrow world view that he had....as if the existence of races with coloured skin just didn't occur to him...
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I don't personally like LOTR but I think it's so annoying how literature is attacked like this. Something is wrong with our world and all of a sudden it's spurred by literature or a movie?
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Old 04-10-2003, 03:30 PM   #21
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Hey folks,

New guy here, and I realize I'm coming in late with comments to this one, but in case anyone's interested...

First of all, I think there needs to be a distinction between Tolkien's books and Jackson's movies. While I think Jackson did an exceptional job transferring the story to film, there are differences, some of which are obvious, and some not so obvious. One thing I noticed was that Tolkien seemed to be delivering the message "War is sometimes inevitable", while Jackson decided he'd rather say "War is a terrible thing".

If you consider the original statement (Tolkien's) to be warmongering, then maybe there's some validity to the claim. I think it's clear to anyone who's read the books or seen the movie that there was never any possibility of negotiating with Sauron or resolving things via diplomacy. The "bad guys", including the orcs, are just plain evil, and no attempt is made to humanize them at all - except possibly Saruman.

Whether or not Tolkien was deliberately referring to WWII in LOTR is a matter of debate I guess, but let's just say it seems possible. And even if not, most people would not object with equating Hitler to Sauron. In any case, he wasn't out to write a story in which the conflict could be resolved peacefully - the war is obviously a key part of the books, and that can't be denied.

Personally, I liked the books and the movies and don't try to read any politics into them. But I can certainly see how a critical analysis could uncover some opinions that we might disagree with today - true of most literature, right?

Anyway, just my opinion, for what that's worth!
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Also keep in mind Tolkein was tryng to create a mythology for England. Not a lot of people of color running around there in the ancient days...

dream wanderer

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