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My biases -

1. People who equate getting older with 'letting yourself go'. These people don't seem to question why they're torturing themselves by giving in to the societal unkindness toward people who are older than, say, 28, as if being old was a horrible disease.

2. Religious people. They seem to have little concept of reality to me. A Pollyanna, pie-in-the-sky sort of thing. They make the lives of those I hold near and dear Hell. Literally, sometimes.

3. People who are on the 'mother' trip. They will lecture ceaselessly on how self-centered those of is who choose not to have children are.

4. This old boyfriend of mine who actually tried to flame on Bono for being 'into himself for wanting to help the world become better. This from a man who seems to think jacking off for seven hours is better than spending time actually out there somewhere trying to correct injustice.

5. People who don't respect boundaries and whine that I'm not 'loving' because I don't like to hug.

ETA: And oh yes, American arrogance. THis country thinks it's the only country on the face of the earth and should be king of the world. Rather like Rome and England before us. Pay attention to history, kids. Those kingdoms got taken down, big time. We're next.
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Originally posted by Hinder
1. People who equate getting older with 'letting yourself go'. These people don't seem to question why they're torturing themselves by giving in to the societal unkindness toward people who are older than, say, 28, as if being old was a horrible disease.
I'll fully agree with this . One day, we're gonna be in those people's shoes, so we might want to think twice before making aging seem like something worth making fun of (that, and it's just lame and stupid to do that begin with). That said, it also really irks me when older people themselves can't seem to accept the stage of life they're in. I think people look way more attractive and graceful and all that good stuff when they just look like their natural selves, personally, no matter what age they are.

And speaking of age gaps and such, I also have tended to be rather quick to defend the younger generation, too-I just get so sick of hearing people talk about "kids today" and complaining about them, patronizing them, making it seem like they're responsible for the downfall of society or something, and stuff like that. Yes, there are stupid people in younger generations. I certainly won't deny that. But I really, really think people need to give younger folks more credit. God knows I've seen a few adults here and there throughout my life who act less mature than, say, a 16 year old, after all.


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I don't know that I have any biases that are really operative within this forum--which, as Sean touched on, would mean pre-existing assumptions about certain categories of people that interfere with my ability to evaluate their arguments impartially. (Of course, as a mod I would say that, wouldn't I. ) The closest thing to it, I guess--though it's really more of a 'personality conflict' than a 'bias'--would be that I do have greater-than-average difficulty warming to people who tend to be judgmental and forcefully opinionated. As with most personality conflicts, there's likely some projection bound up in this; I'm probably just about the most self-critical person you'd ever meet (I've a relentless 'inner critic' who's perennially suspicious as to what self-aggrandizing bullshit might lurk beneath my thoughts, convictions and feelings)--to a degree I'd rather not be, frankly--and that might predispose me to resent the same behavior when seemingly externalized by other people, regardless of who or what their target is. On top of that I'm usually very slow to become agitated or angry with others (and am usually mortified when it does happen, not without reason as I can get really knife-twisting when truly livid), so I find it hard to relate to the kinds of emotional tendencies that usually accompany a judgmental disposition. But as far as whatever else accompanies that judgmentality, I'm generally pretty a personal level, I don't think I really have any significant hangups about religiosity or irreligiosity, age, gender, political affiliation, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, articulateness etc., and don't generally find it difficult to make an effort in good faith to consider someone's perspective 'in spite of' those things.

I will confess to sharing BonosSaint's bias against politicians though (which I guess is indirectly relevant around here). Yeah it's irrational, because the reality is politics requires you to be a self-promoter as well as a spokesman, but I do hold the former quality against them regardless of ideology, and am really turned off by the 'personality intrigue' aspect of politics, which I tend to see as bastardizing. (And in case you're wondering why the hell I teach political science if I feel that way, what I teach is political culture and political theory and not the U.S. variety at that, so I really don't dabble in the disliked stuff much.)
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Re: the introspection thread -- bias

Originally posted by indra

"I'm really into crystals"

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In all seriousness, this is a interesting thread To be honest, I find it really difficult to be judgemental about anything or anyone. It is certain behaviours and personality traits (as Yolland mentioned above) that can be most offensive to me. I have in general, a really really hard time tolerating cruelty or vindictiveness in any form. I'm not too fond of racists or homophobes either. Just general mean-spiritedness and self-centeredness is a turn off to me.

Maybe this sounds a bit wishy-washy

I tend to gravitate towards open-minded and/or eccentric people so I guess I have a bias towards folks who are are a little left of centre 'Normal-ness' tends to make me yawn.. a little bit!

AND! I admit I'm a music snob .. LOL
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i've been thinking about this thread, and i think the only "bias" i can come up with -- seems a problematic word to begin with, we're all biased by our cultures and predisposed to value some traits and values more than others -- is that i'm "biased" against people who filter their understanding through preexisting methods of interpretation. for example, stuff like "homespun wisdom" or "downhome thinking" or the whole "these people in Crawford, TX know a heckuva lot more about the world than those pinheads in washington DC." there's a kind of reverse arrogance there, a working assumption that experience and sophistication and complexity and nuance are just maskes for what is and always will be the rock solid "truth" about certain things and ways to be.

no idea if that makes much sense, but i think that's a bias i can point out.

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